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Valeria Sampedro and Nacho Otero spoke about their arrival at Arriba Argentinos after the departure of Marcelo Bonelli


Valeria Sampedro and Nacho Otero will drive Up Argentines in El Trece after the departure of Marcelo Bonelliand they were very enthusiastic.

The journalists visited Show Partners (The thirteen) and they talked about their arrival at the historic morning news show, which in recent days celebrated its 19th anniversary on the air.

“We talked about it with Vale, Up Argentines It was the news I watched when I had breakfast with my sister.. I was going to him ISERI would drop my sister off at school, and I would watch it while having breakfast, it was the news I watched every morning,” he recalled. Nacho Otero.

“It seems to me that something he said Marcelo Bonelli It’s what happens to all of us, suddenly you go through life. The other day, doing the math, I said ‘I joined 18 years ago’, when I see that it says 19 years of newscasting, I say, ‘no, I saw how they did the promo for Up Argentineshaving 28 lollipops, just entered the canal,'” he added Valeria Sampedro.

And he added: “Being here, now, was like you are getting used to a career where you complete different stages, and there is a moment when you do it tacitly.. Me, the street… I have more mud and suburbs… And When you get a challenge you say ‘that’s great’“.

It seems to me that there are no stages to overcome, one is a journalist and what changes are the scenarios“, Otero said. And Sampedro agreed: “Everyone puts their own mark on it, and if ours is that journey, we are going to do it, we are going to go out into the streets because we don’t want to lose that contact with the people.”

How was Marcelo Bonelli’s farewell from Arriba Argentinos?

Marcelo Bonelli let Up Argentines (The thirteen) to drive Central TN rather Mario Massaccesiwho will be in charge of Cuestión de Peso (El Trece) starting in May.

Excited, Bonelli said goodbye to the historic morning newscast and expressed: “I do not want to cry. I’m excited, but I’m happy because through Up Argentines“For 19 years, we lifted you up, informed you and bore witness to everything that happens to you.”

“We experienced many successes. Failures too. Many joys, luckily. Many sadnesses. The departure of Débora Pérez Volpin. Life. Life in 19 years. And I don’t want to break,” he continued.

Thanks to the entire team, I had 19 spectacular years, I grew a lot and learned. I learned a lot from Débora and everyone. Up Argentinos continue with everything. He turned 19 and is now of legal age.“he concluded Marcelo Bonelli and welcomed Nacho Otero and Valeria Sampedro.

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