Thursday, May 30, 2024

Wants 12 million in compensation for illegal logging


Of Egil M Solberg | 05.05.2024 07:00:47

Society: The forest, located by Vassbrekkevatnet near Raglamyr, is the municipality’s property.

The damage is significant, according to park manager Svein Aase, and the average value of the trees is set at almost NOK 68,000 each, reports Haugesund’s newspaper.

The association’s chairman, Bente Dahl, does not want to comment on the matter to the newspaper.

The municipality has contacted the insurance companies of the condominium and the contractor to resolve the matter amicably.

According to the newspaper, municipal attorney Gisle Stødle emphasizes that the municipality’s responsibility is to safeguard the community’s values ​​and aims to resolve the case without conflict.


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