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Demonstrations for new consent law – lawyers are divided


Thousands of people demonstrate for a new consent law. Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB

Of NTB | 18.04.2024 19:03:05

Crime and justice: – It is a particularly bad idea, says lawyer Odd Rune Torstrup NRK. He believes that a law will result in a greater degree of wrongful convictions, and that men’s sexuality will be criminalized to a greater extent as a result of the law.

However, colleague Inger Marie Sunde disagrees. She thinks it is a very good idea, and points out that the law can help to have a preventive effect.

– If you are going to have sex, you must be sure that the partner is awake and consenting. The law can have an impact on the number of assaults and criminal cases within this area.

Recently, there have been several demonstrations related to the proposed consent law that was drawn up by a criminal law council before Christmas in 2022. On Thursday, thousands of people gathered outside the Storting to demonstrate for a clearer consent law.

Several believe the proposed law is not clear enough because the Criminal Code Council will not require express consent.

Amnesty is behind the demonstration on Thursday. Political adviser Patricia Kaatee at Amnesty International believes the proposal is not good enough.

– A real consent law assumes that a person is sexually unavailable until a consent to sex or a confirmation of voluntary participation has been communicated, she says to Dagbladet.

Such a law will therefore also cover sexual intercourse with a person who “freezes” or who for other reasons is passive.

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