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Denisse González criticized Coty Romero after confirming her attraction to Bautista Mascia in the Big Brother house: “This is personal”


Denise Gonzalez faced Coty Romero after her elimination from Big Brother (Telefe)after the Corrientes confirmed inside the house that she liked Bautista Mascia.

The Uruguayan and also a singer, had a very close relationship with Denise inside the house. Although they never confirmed that they formed a couple, they made it clear that they will continue getting to know each other outside of reality.

For this reason, Denise He was forceful with the former participant and pointed out: “I want to ask Coty a question, more than anything because this is a little more personal, I don’t have any problem with you liking Bauti, because it is true that in the house emotions increase a lot and you don’t choose who you like.” like”.

“What I would like to ask you is why you chose to do therapy in the confessional with all of Argentina, and tell it to people you knew three weeks ago, instead of sitting Bauti down, who you know is a really good guy, and telling him what you happened to you”, He launched.

In that same line, Coty clarified: “Actually I did it in the confessional with the psychologist, I talked to him because I didn’t know what to do. And then, at one point I came out crying and Pali (Méndez) saw me, and when he saw me crying he came closer.”

Subsequently, Santiago del Moro He intervened in the conversation and asked the Corrientes a direct question: “But you suddenly fell in love? I thought it was quite a verse.” And she answered: “I felt attraction. I was quite attracted to him, but I refused to feel it.”

However, inside the house, Coty Romero He did not want to have any other type of relationship with Bautista Mascia out of respect for his relationship with Denise Gonzalez.

Does Coty Romero like Bautista Mascia?

Coty Romerowho entered again Big Brother (Telefe) for him Golden Ticketrevealed in the confessional that she was interested in Bautista Mascia and explained all the details.

“I like someone, but no… damn, history repeats itself here! He has a partner, or I don’t know if he is a partner or what, outside, and I don’t want to earn that hate. I prefer not to get involved there” , confessed the Corrientes.

Notably, Coty had been paired with Alexis The Rabbit Quirogaa relationship that ended after an alleged infidelity of the Cordoban outside the house.

Then, he detailed what he feels for the participant: “It kind of catches my attention and in part I like that because I also feel that it sometimes takes me out of the game a little bit. Precisely, I want to try to get him to start playing a little more.”

Inside the house, alone Martín Ku (El Chino) and Bautista Mascia They are the ones who have a partner. For this reason, Big Brother He wanted to guess who the player was referring to, and pointed out: “I think I know who you’re referring to. You said you were playing with him. If so, he’s part of Los Bros. Only two of them have a partner outside. I could assume that maybe you’re referring to Bautista.”

“No, but please don’t burn me like that. And outside I said ‘Oh no, this guy isn’t… not at all'”Coty responded.

Furthermore, he was encouraged to talk about his game and assured: “He is very intelligent and reads the house very well, and I think that was also what made me say ‘Well, he catches my attention.’ If he moves forward, so to speak, ready, I’m going to let loose a little bit.” further”.

Finally, Coty Romero warned Big Brother and told him that “Do not say anything” to keep information secret. In this way, it seems that the Corrientes woman would be falling in love with Bautista Mascia and he did not hesitate to say that he would approach him, as long as the Uruguayan does it first since he does not want to have problems with Denise Gonzalez.

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