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Ken Salazar’s cooperation with the extradition of Ovidio Guzmán

The extradition of Ovidio Guzmán, the hijo of Chapo Guzmán, is an example of the work that was carried out by the Government of the United States and Mexico in the fight against the drug trade, reported by Ken Salazar, the Embassy of the United States in Mexico.

“La extradición de Ovidio Guzmán hacia Estados Unidos, ocurrida el viernes pasado, Is an example of the way we work very well with the Mexican Gobierno”, said Salazar during a famous business trip following a work meeting with the governor of the state of Nuevo León (norte de México), Samuel García.

Salazar aprovechó to agrade the Mexican Army and the Gobierno de México and recognized the labor of the Mexican militaries who lost his life during the operation of capture of the presunto líder criminal, registered at the beginning of a year, in the city of Culiacán, state of Sinaloa, north-west of the country.

“The doy las gracias al Ejército Mexicano y al Gobierno Mexicano por el trabajo que hemos hecho con ellos, siempre con respeto y en apoyo a la soberanía de México y ahora ya está Ovidio went to United States and was subject to the judicial processes that comenzarán and seguirán, y respetaremos esos procesos”, dijo Salazar.

The next day, the Department of Justice confirmed the extradition of Guzmán to Chicago, where he was accused of drug-related crimes.

This month, Guzmán declared himself not guilty of the five cargoes of which he was charged in the District Court of Chicago for drug trafficking and money laundering, indicating mediocre arrests.

The person also known as “the Rat” is accused of conspiring to distribute controlled substances, forming part of a criminal enterprise, export to United States with controlled substances, use and carry illegal fire arms y to carry out financial transactions with the product of illegal activities.

The Sinaloa Cartel, located in Washington, is the drug trafficking group “most powerful of the world” and largely responsible for the production and manufacturing of fentanilo for its distribution in the USA, which is considered to be more potent than the drug for 50 years. Heroína, is “the main cause of death between estadounidenses from 18 to 49 years old”.

Guzmán y sus hermanos, conocidos como los “Chapitos”, also están acusados ​​de transportar “systematically” toneladas de cocaína desde y través de Sur y Centroamérica hasta EE.UU., de acuerdo con el Departamento de Justicia.

The established authorities are dependent on this organization being involved in drug trafficking activities hacia EE.UU. and violence from here more than a decade and media.

For another part, Salazar also habló del trabajo que están haciendo Estados Unidos y México en materia de seguridad y el combate al trafico de armas y de personas “The priorities of our nosotros es parar los precursores y el fentanilo que están matando a tanta gente en Estados “Unidos”, as Salazar tells me, that in the case of the arms, I say that Come from United States, cross into Mexico and cause much violence Because I had the hands of the organized crime, that caused a disorder and resulted in violence by many travelers in Mexico.

In fact, the trafficking of people is said to have been carried out by criminals who have victimized thousands of migrants.

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