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Blondie’s Chris Stein doubts he’ll play with the band again

Blondie guitarist Chris Stein has revealed he may never be able to play with the band again due to his ongoing health problems.

Stein’s issues were first disclosed in April 2022 when he announced plans to take a break from performing with Blondie due to irregular heartbeats. The guitarist was later diagnosed with prostate cancer, which has further held him back from performing with Blondie on their recent tour, which included a set on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury.

In a new interview with The Sunday Times, Stein has admitted to feeling “fatigued” due to the repercussions of his old rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. Although the guitarist is still involved with the band’s recording process, he’s come to terms with accepting he might not play live again.

Stein admitted: “I miss it a little [playing live], but it’s a lot of work, and I did it for 50 years, I kind of got it out of my system. It’s doubtful I’m gonna do more shows at this point.”

The guitarist also provided a stark warning to those who may be tempted to experiment with substances, stating: “All this stuff caught up with me in my old age. Don’t do drugs, kids, is all I can say. All that shit I did over the years didn’t help.”

Earlier this year, Blondie vocalist Debbie Harry confirmed Stein remains a “major contributor” to the band’s new album despite not currently touring with the group.

Additionally, Johnny Marr previously announced he’s contributed to the new Blondie record. During an appearance on Shaun Keaveny’s podcast, he told the former BBC 6 Music presenter: “I’ve written another new one for the new current record that they’re recording. I don’t know whether it will end up on the album, you never know. But they seemed to really like it.”

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