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Jimena Barón’s strong defense for her discomfort with Olga: “I have zero tolerance for violence and aggression”


Jimena Barón spoke about the uncomfortable moment she experienced in Olga and targeted those who criticized her.

The singer became a trend on the Internet for appearing tense on the air I dreamed that I was flyingthe streaming of Migue Granados, the day they paid tribute to Patricio Rey and his Ricotta Rounds.

So that they don’t say that I don’t work, if I talk because I talk, if I don’t talk because I don’t talk, guys. What do they want? I’m learning, I’m not going to pretend fanaticism or anything“, She complained Jimena Baron in the middle of the program, since it seemed like it was off topic.

It’s not going to happen, I’m here with all my respect learning things and listening to songs with beautiful versions, with the cello“he added.

What happened to Jimena Barón in Olga

After the impact of the fragment, Jimena Baron He came out to clarify what happened and made a strong defense: “I wasn’t going to sing on the day of the rounds, I feel scared, I had to sit down and Google the discography because I don’t consume them and I don’t know much. “I come here because I work, because they pay me to come here, I tried to be with the greatest respect in the universe.”

“If at some point it turned off in the middle of the program, it is because here there is a chat that is happening and I am already at a point in my life since the pandemic where I had a hole where I did not have a good time. I have zero tolerance for violence and aggression and yesterday while the program was going on I tried to do everything“he continued.

“I tried to make a joke with Emilia Mernes that I love her and her album seems like a gem to me, and she listened to it every day and I have no drama. I understand the legend that the Redondos have, I’m not a fool…, I simply don’t listen to them and I don’t consume them, that’s why I prefer to keep quiet“explained the artist about the moment that caused anger with the rock band’s fans.

At the same time, Jimena Baron He clarified that his discomfort was due to the live comments he was reading in the streaming, coming from users who were connected to the program: “Yesterday I went through all the stadiums to see how I could fit in in the best way for yesterday’s program. The only thing I can’t row is when I read violent things, people don’t know it, but here is a screen where I read atrocities that obviously is part of it, but it is part of a format that I don’t make mine, I came for a week to have a blast“.

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