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Juliana “Furia” Scaglione revealed in Big Brother what type of analysis they did: “I have to wait 48 hours to find out if I have leukemia”


Juliana “Furia” Scaglione left the Big Brother house a few hours ago (Telefe) to undergo some medical tests because some of them did not give the best results, and expressed that “I couldn’t talk much” upon entering again. However, this time she told that she might have leukemia.

What health problem does Big Brother Fury have?

In a conversation in the living room with Bautista Mascia and Mauro D’Alessiothe player generated concern after her state of health and the video went viral on the internet.

“Right now I have to think about passing a test that could give me leukemia. Today I should be lying there, thinking that someone could catch me, and that I am 33 years old, and that I could have blood cancer.”he began saying.

“Let’s take it to the extreme. Am I wrong? No. To you, when things happen to you in life, you have to vibrate high because otherwise you don’t start to fit in with yourself, you get angry inside. I think I am the great example of what’s happening. And I have to wait 48 hours to find out what the f*ck I have,” detailed Juliana Furia Scaglione about your greeting inside the house of Big Brother (Telefe).

What is leukemia?

Leukemia is a type of blood cancer that begins in the bone marrow, the soft tissue in the center of bones, where blood cells are formed.

The term leukemia means white blood. White blood cells (leukocytes) are produced in the bone marrow and used by the body to fight infections and other foreign substances.

Leukemia leads to an uncontrollable increase in the number of white blood cells.

Cancer cells prevent the production of healthy red blood cells, platelets, and mature white blood cells (leukocytes). Life-threatening symptoms can then occur as normal blood cells decrease.

Cancer cells can spread to the bloodstream and lymph nodes. They can also travel to the brain and spinal cord (the central nervous system) and other parts of the body.

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