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The airspace is closed north of Bodø – Avinor sets up crisis staff


A fiber break is the reason why parts of the airspace over northern Norway were closed on Friday afternoon. Avinor has appointed crisis staff. Airport manager Ivar Helsing Schrøen at Tromsø Airport says that the breach could have consequences for future traffic. Photo: Avinor / NTB

Of NTB | 26.04.2024 16:42:15

Economy and business: – All available resources are working on the case and a central crisis team has been set up, writes Avinor in an update at 4pm on Friday.

The company confirms in a press release that it is a fiber break from Bodø and northwards. The breach affects technical equipment and traffic management for Avinor in the same region.

Flight safety is never at risk. Passengers are asked to refer to information from their airlines, writes the company, which will return with more information.

Press officer Cathrine Framholt in Avinor tells NTB that she has no idea whether the problems on Friday are linked to Thursday’s difficulties in domestic air traffic.

– It is quiet in Tromsø now. There are quite a few flights that are expected into the 17 rush hour, which is when most flights leave Tromsø. We will see where these planes end up, it depends on the correct time. This can primarily affect Tromsø Airport, says Schrøen.

Airport manager Bjørn Isaksen at Evenes and Bardufoss Airport tells NRK that there is an arrival at 17.15 that they are unsure if they will be able to land.

Airport manager Jens-Martin Nerdal in Alta says there is no drama.

– There are some planes that don’t come or go, but we handle that, says Nerdal.

At the same time, Avinor states that they have other systems that, regardless of the error, ensure a safe termination of the traffic that is already in the air.

Airport manager Ivar Helsing Schrøen at Tromsø Airport says NRK that the fiber break may have consequences for future traffic.


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