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This is how the Big Brother nominees plate looked after the strong statement that left severe sanctions


On Wednesday, April 17, a new special nomination of Big Brother (Telefe). Although the players voted negatively, the elimination gala will again be positive, that is, in a mixed way. However, the participants collectively received a severe penalty for repeatedly breaking the rules, and the decision to Big Brother changed the plate completely.

This week, it was Bautista Mascia who became the leader, after beating Emmanuel Vich in the final that was played on Tuesday. Likewise, you will not be able to count on all the benefits after the strong wake-up call of Big Brother.

How was the Big Brother nomination gala on Wednesday, April 17?

In principle, after being eliminated, Damián César Moya He left his two final votes to Baptist in The Big Brother Debate (Telefe)but were not counted after having gained the lead for the week.

Starting with the vows inside the house, Juliana Furia Scaglione He was the one who was encouraged to do the spontaneous thing, before leaving the reality show momentarily to undergo some studies due to his health problems. Curiously, the fulminating was not done.

Furthermore, he took advantage of the “sanction” to Emmanuel Vich since his spontaneous vote was annulled with a double vote for saying that he had made use of it before the gala. His nomination was 3 votes for Martín Ku and 2 for Coty Romero.

  • Nicolás: 2 votes for Federico / 1 vote for Emmanuel
  • Virginia: 2 votes for Martín / 1 vote for Coty
  • Paloma: 2 votes for Martín / 1 vote for Nicolás
  • Zoe: 2 votes for Emmanuel / 1 vote for Coty

  • Florence: 2 votes for Emmanuel / 1 vote for Martín
  • Emmanuel: 3 votes for Coty / 2 votes for Virginia (he made the spontaneous one, but it was annulled)
  • Martín: 2 votes for Virginia / 1 vote for Federico
  • Federico: 2 votes for Martín / 1 vote for Nicolás

  • Darío: 2 votes for Florencia / 1 vote for Nicolás
  • Bautista: 2 votes for Paloma / 1 vote for Federico
  • Mauro: 2 votes for Coty / 1 vote for Martín
  • Coty: 2 votes for Federico / 1 vote for Martín

How was the Big Brother statement that left severe sanctions?

When it seemed that the list of nominees was only made up of Martín Ku, Coty Romero, Federico ‘Manzana Farías’ and Emmanuel Vich, Big Brother intervened in the program to notify Santiago del Moro that he had to enter the house to give a strong statement due to non-compliance with the house rules.

In this way, he reported: “There are many things that I do not like and I am going to refer to each of them. I do not like that they mistreat my house, climbing with their shod feet on chairs, beds; throwing pillows at each other with the risk of damaging cameras and microphones; that they clean bad and little; that they live here as if they did not care about the slightest care. You must treat this house as if it were yours, that is, respecting it, caring for it and honoring it” –

“I don’t like that they do not preserve the food in an optimal way and that only, after repeated warnings, have they obeyed to store the food in the appropriate places. Likewise, I confess that it has filled me with concern and anguish to observe how the food is I hope they can reflect on such basic and necessary issues as solidarity, camaraderie and empathy. I don’t like the lack of respect, disqualifying insults and certain offenses that do nothing more than express contempt for others. “I’m not going to allow it.”he continued.

“And I don’t like that, despite my numerous warnings for you to play according to the rules, you continue to violate rules, such as the plot. In recent weeks, you know, I have canceled numerous votes for this reason. However, I continue to listen conversations where votes are agreed to harm one or more colleagues. I want to tell them that they can be strategists and astute players without resorting to foul play.”he added.

“For these reasons, I inform you that I have made a decision and I anticipate that it is severe. Each of you from this moment on is nominated, except the leader of the week, Bautista, who maintains his immunity, but tomorrow he will not be able to save no one with a badge”, concluded the voice of Big Brother (Telefe), making it clear that everyone was nominated, except the Uruguayan for winning the leadership of the week; although he lost the other benefits of it.

Who are the nominees at the Big Brother gala on Wednesday, April 17?

The new nominees for Wednesday, April 17, were as follows: Martín Ku (11 votes), Coty Romero (6 votes), Emmanuel Vich (6 votes) and Federico Farías (6 votes).

Paloma Méndez (3 votes), Florencia Regidor (2 votes), Nicolás Grosman (2 votes) and Virginia Demo (2 votes)were also nominated by their peers, but did not enter the nomination plate.

The nominees at the gala on Wednesday, April 17
The nominees at the gala on Wednesday, April 17. (Capture: Telefe)

However, everything changed from one moment to the next and the nomination plate was made up of the 12 participants who are inside the house, without Bautista Mascia for being a leader, among them: Coty Romero, Darío Martínez Corti, Emmanuel Vich, Federico Farías, Florencia Regidor, Juliana Furia Scaglione, Martín Ku, Mauro D’Alessio, Nicolás Grosman, Paloma Méndez, Virginia Demo and Zoe Bogach.

On Sunday, April 21, the public will have to decide who will be the next eliminated from the house by positive vote, that is, they will have to choose who they want to continue in the Big Brother house. (Telefe).

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