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King is in the carriage, countdown to speech from the throne has begun | Budget Day


Sep 19, 2023 at 12:02 pm

Many traditions are charades. But yes, there are quite a few people who like that puppet show. I myself am not enthusiastic about “charades”, but I can understand when others are enthusiastic about it. I’m just saying, so many people, so many opinions. Of course, you can always question the costs. But yes, the following applies again: “so many people, so many opinions”. There are few (large) events that cost nothing; such as certain sporting events or certain music events, where the security costs in particular are enormous. You can do away with it all; but then there is very little left for many people. It will not be the case that opponents of certain events are so consistent in their thinking that they believe that all other cost-bearing events should also be abolished. Or am I wrong?


Sep 19, 2023 at 11:11 am

Yes, a Prince’s Day with the usual display. However, it is about what is stated in the speech from the throne and this time it has a very relative character. After all, there will be a new government that will negotiate what they do and do not want based on what they have been elected to do. Then the speech from the throne goes into the trash, and other things are done as stated in it. And that is to be hoped so that this government does not rule beyond its grave. We need a completely different course than the tired story we are going to hear today. Today’s appearance is a lot of fuss with a meaningless character.

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