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Married At First Sight’s Orion Put On Blast Over Hypocritical Comments About Racial Slur


  • Married At First Sight’s Orion faces backlash for his hypocritical comments about a derogatory joke made by Lauren, highlighting their controversial conversation about derogatory language.
  • Orion admitted to using the N-word, but then used the term “red skin” when discussing Lauren’s past use of derogatory terms, causing fans to question his reasoning and accuse him of trapping her.
  • Orion’s immaturity and lack of consideration for Lauren’s feelings, coupled with the looming cheating scandal, suggest that their relationship may not survive on Married At First Sight.

Married At First Sight’s Orion Martzloff is facing the heat for his hypocritical comments after being questioned about Lauren G’s derogatory joke about him. Orion is a 27-year-old man, proud of his Native American heritage. Orion got married to Lauren, 31, and is a federal budget officer in season 17. A major cheating scandal has been teased in the sexually fluid couple’s future. However, before that, they had to deal with a major controversy that was sparked when they had a candid conversation about derogatory language, and Lauren asked Orion if he’d ever used the N-word.

Orion admitted he had ignorantly used it, and proceeded to throw out the word “red skin” when Lauren admitted to saying terms when she was younger she didn’t know were derogatory. In a clip shared by mafslifetime, Keshia Knight Pulliam discusses the incident with Orion during the Married at First Sight: Afterparty.

Keshia asks Orion if he feels any differently now about Lauren, saying, “I don’t even know what red skin means honestly” before chuckling and adding, “Oh wait, I just looked at your face.” Orion says that he doesn’t feel differently because hearing the word “red skin” makes him feel like the “floor falls out.

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Orion & Lauren’s Married At First Sight Relationship Explained

Lauren and Orion from MAFS season 17 in swimsuits talking

However, Keshia gives Orion a “different perspective” while reminding him that Lauren chose to give him grace when he admitted to having used the N-word. “So that’s why I feel like some grace was deserved in that situation. It wasn’t done in a way of malice,” Keshia tells him. Orion admits that he was having his “own internal battle” at the moment and didn’t know how to respond to it. He accepts that he sat on the balcony for about two and a half hours after the cameras stopped rolling and thought about looking to give Lauren grace in any way that he could have. Unfortunately for Orion, Married At First Sight fans aren’t fully convinced about his reasoning.

Fans are accusing Orion of trapping Lauren into saying “red skin.” One fan wrote, “He just admitted to using the N word himself but can’t find grace when someone else makes a mistake regarding his culture.” Another fan added, “he didn’t even know what ‘red skinned’ meant. She even said something about him as sunburned.” Meanwhile, there are a few who consider both Lauren and Orion to be in the wrong. “It’s important to recognize that we aren’t perfect and we need to,” a fan posted. Orion has not been considering Lauren while setting his goals for the future. He doesn’t see himself having roots in Denver, which is certainly a red flag that should worry Lauren.

Orion has also shown immaturity. He doesn’t like being bossed around and comes across as condescending when trying to explain things about his heritage to others. Then there is the fact that Lauren will cheat or has already cheated on Orion at some point in their relationship on Married At First Sight. It will hurt Orion because he says he is “heartbroken” after the revelation. If rumors are to be believed, Orion and Lauren will most probably call it quits before Decision Day. The happy, quirky couple did show signs of a successful future together, but sadly, Orion and Lauren’s relationship has taken a turn for the worse after what happened in episode 5.

Married at First Sight airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST.

Source: @mafslifetime/Instagram

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