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Weather Could Derail Swift-Kelce Family MNF Extravaganza

Taylor Swift

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If you’re a fan of the NFL-Taylor Swift crossover, next Monday night’s Eagles-Chiefs game is shaping up to big a big night for you. But, the weather in Rio de Janeiro, where Taylor Swift is scheduled to play three shows from Friday through Sunday, could ruin those plans.

In case you haven’t heard, the entire clan-Travis’s parents, Taylor and her parents, and maybe even Jason’s family, are expected to be in Kansas City for the Super Bowl rematch.

This comes a week after Travis Kelce joined Swift in Argentina over the weekend with the Chiefs on a bye week. The two broke the internet when clips went viral Saturday night of the pop star changing lyrics to her hit, Karma and of the two embracing following the completion of her show.

But, Friday’s show was postponed and rescheduled due to stormy weather in Buenos Aires, and the same could be happening for Sunday’s show in Rio de Janeiro.

As of Thursday night, the weather forecast in Rio for Sunday night is not looking pretty. The Weather Channel has Sunday evening in the city with a 98% chance of rain and thunderstorms likely.

Taylor Swift has famously performed shows in heavy rain before. But, given all the technology used in her shows, lightning would be a no-go, and that’s what canceled the Buenos Aires Friday show.

Common wisdom would suggest that if her show was rained out on Sunday, she would reschedule for Monday. But, could she decide to make a return trip to Rio sometime in the next year and go to the game instead? That seems unlikely, due to the logistical challenges.

I’m sure many would be thrilled if the concert was postponed and Swift missed the game, which is set for huge viewership. Someone who would be unhappy about it? ESPN, who will get huge viewership numbers on Monday regardless, but especially if the entire Swift-Kelce clan is indeed in attendance.

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