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Trailer impacts a car on the road; woman stone of life

A woman lost the life of her vehicle while traveling with other people who were impacted by a trailer. When the fragile unit came across the road, due to a mechanical failure, it was impacted by the movement of the tractor.

The accident was recorded the first minutes of this sandy day on the Saltillo-Torreón federal road, between the limits between Parras and San Pedro.

The person who grew up in the house was identified as Brenda Susana Rodriguez, 36 years old.

It turns out that the car is a Nissan Versa brand car, located in Coahuila, and has five people in Monterrey in Torreón.

Conductors that pass through the city road contact the state emergency service, indicating that various injured people are in contact with the municipality of San Pedro, the staff of Cruz Roja of this municipality will assist and communicate with other people. at the hospitals of the misma localidad, some of the travelers ended up ileso y llamó a su familia, para que fueran por él.

The authorities will be confirmed. that the destroyed car was located at kilometer 177+900, when it reached the ejido San Rafael and found itself within 10 meters of the asphalt carpet and inside the person without life.

Elements of the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) assigned to the municipality of Parras will be sent to you for confirmation.

The body was transferred to the Medical Forensic Services installations to determine the exact cause of death.

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