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– It is important to have the agricultural plan processed


Agriculture and Food Minister Geir Pollestad (Sp) received sharp criticism from both the right and the left for the government’s handling of the issue of farmers’ incomes. Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB

Of NTB | 18.04.2024 12:03:46

Economy and business: He says it is important that the Storting deals with the Storting message which is about increased food security and the income calculation for agriculture. But he was met with massive criticism from all the opposition parties for his handling of the message, which is supposed to close the income gap between farmers and other professional groups.

After the government went back on its original proposal about which number of hours should be used as a basis when calculating the farmers’ income, the Conservative Party withdrew from the agreement they have entered into with the government.

Prosecutor for the case, Torgeir Fylkesnes (SV), believes the government now does not have a majority for anything beyond the number of hours, to which SV, MDG, Rødt and KrF give their support. County councils asked what should then be used as a basis when the government negotiates with the farmers’ organisations.

– We are going to use as a basis what is in the report to the Storting, adjusted for what gets a majority today, said Pollestad.

It concerns four points which apply to the numerical basis used when farmers’ incomes are calculated.

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