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Man Who Erased His Name (& How To Get Them)

Kazama Kiryu returns in Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name with various gadgets that you can get that best reflect his new fighting style. Four high-tech options change fights drastically, from wires that grapple enemies to rocket shoes that shoot you forward. When used in tandem with Kiryu’s traditional close-range strikes, each gadget brings its edge to every battle.

Every gadget you get for your new persona as “Joryu” is made to pair with the Secret Agent fighting style in Like a Dragon Gaiden. This stance is one of two styles you can access in battle and focuses on the unorthodox tech used with precise movements. Agent is a better stance against large groups, with Kiryu striking with wide kicks that can hit multiple targets for a good amount of damage.

To unleash any of your gadgets in Agent style, you only need to hold one of the face buttons on a controller or whichever input corresponds to an attack.

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4 Firefly

Miniature Explosives

Like a Dragon Gaiden Kazama Kiryu Obtaining Firefly Minature Explosive Gadget in Cutscene

The Firefly gadget is the third piece of tech you get in Like a Dragon Gaiden and are basically exploding cigarettes that Kiryu can toss at enemies during a fight. You gain this equipment from a merchant recommended to you by Mizorogi, a weapon expert you met to obtain other gadgets in the game. Holding down the X button on Xbox or the Square input on PlayStation makes Kiryu drop a Firefly onto the ground.

While this gadget has its uses, a few instances expose this tool’s weaknesses more than its strengths. For starters, the explosion from each Firefly is small, only impacting a limited area that many enemies can avoid in Like a Dragon Gaiden. This makes the Firefly hard to utilize in 1v1 brawls since whoever you’re fighting has plenty of time to dodge or move out of the way before the cigarette blows up.

Another vulnerability of the Firefly comes from its ability to damage Kiryu just as much as his enemies. From narrow alleys and tiny building rooms, this makes the gadget incredibly risky to use if you aren’t fighting in an open space. The best situations for Firefly come from the Team Hell Rumbles found in the Coliseum Arena, where large waves of enemies take on your group of recruited fighters in Like a Dragon Gaiden.

3 Serpent

Rocket Boots

The last gadget you receive in Like a Dragon Gaiden is the Serpent, which attaches rocket boots to Kiryu’s feet to zip around fights, almost like he’s skating across the ground. Hitting any enemy during this state deals damage when you activate the gadget by pressing A on Xbox or X on PlayStation. This cutting-edge tech is once again gifted to you by Mizorogi, who will apply it to any gear you place on your feet.

There are plenty of perks to using Serpent, including the ability to knock over enemies when you collide with them. The damage is nothing to scoff at, dealing about the same as a basic light attack combination in Like a Dragon Gaiden. When fighting a large group of thugs or other criminals, the rocket boots can be an excellent tool to remove the lowest-level foes before focusing on other dangerous enemies.

Unfortunately, the state you enter when you activate Serpent is fairly difficult to control, with Kiryu only able to move slightly from side to side. Much like Firefly, this makes the gadget particularly tricky to steer in cramped locations. While this tech is hilarious to wield, you might be better off with the other two pieces of equipment you can acquire in Like a Dragon Gaiden.

2 Hornet

Homing Drones

Like a Dragon Gaiden Kiryu Using the Hornet Drone Gadget on Enemy

The first gadget you get from Mizorogi is the Hornet, a set of drones that you can call upon that fly toward enemies before shooting at them to deal damage. You have a small army of floating robots ready to be used anytime by pressing Y on Xbox or Triangle on PlayStation. Once drones finish attacking their target, they impact the foe and explode for a final bit of damage in Like a Dragon Gaiden.

One of the reasons why this gadget works so well is how Kiryu can attack while the drones are shooting at enemies in Like a Dragon Gaiden. This lets you take out someone’s health extremely quickly as you work with your gadget. Bosses and other leader opponents become far easier to face while you have one or more Hornet drones chipping away at their life bar throughout a fight.

You can purchase several upgrades for the Hornet gadget with Yen that increases a drone’s overall health, making it attack for a longer period of time.

Keep in mind that enemies targeted by drones are distracted while the machines go after them, meaning they won’t attack Kiryu until the Hornets are destroyed. Take advantage of this to switch to your Yakuza stance to deal huge damage to foes trying to fend off the drones in Like a Dragon Gaiden.

1 Spider

Razor Wire

The best gadget in Like a Dragon Gaiden is, ironically, the one you get first when teaming up with Akame, the Spider razor wire. This simple but effective tool can latch onto an enemy and wrap them up for you to toss around. By holding B on Xbox or Circle on PlayStation, Kiryu kneels before sending out the wire to restrain someone, yanking them back, or tossing the enemy into another opponent.

Spider is one of the rare gadgets that can latch onto multiple enemies in a group when you purchase the right upgrades on Kiryu’s skill tree.

This device has the most upgrades available from all the gadgets in Like a Dragon Gaiden, giving it the most utility in combat and while you explore the world. Spider wire can grab hidden items out of reach and may unlock containers you find for some proper gear. There are few situations where the gadget isn’t one of the coolest weapons in your arsenal.

Once you get every gadget in Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, you can pick the best ones that suit your circumstances as you fight like a spy throughout Osaka.

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