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in the press, Biden defends a two-state solution for the future of Israel and Palestine

This is a rather rare statement in the American press. THE Washington Post, one of the most read daily newspapers in the United States, published this Saturday, November 18, an article by President Joe Biden devoted to the situation in Israel and Palestine, as well as in Ukraine. Entitled “ The United States will not back down from the challenge of Putin and Hamas », the American president, who recalls that his country is opposed to a ceasefire as long as Hamas clings to its ideology of destruction, details his vision concerning the future of Israel and Palestine. And for him, only a reunification of Gaza and the West Bank can allow peaceful coexistence with Israel, that is to say a two-state solution.

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The Palestinian people deserve their own state and a future free from Hamas “. Joe Biden, in his column published in the pages of Washington Postdetails his vision of a two-state future: “ Gaza and the West Bank should be reunified under the same governance structure, ultimately under a revitalized Palestinian authority “, he explains.


A two-state solution is the only way to ensure the long-term security of the Israeli and Palestinian people “, he believes before specifying that, to achieve this, commitments from both parties, as well as the United States and their partners will be necessary. Work which must begin immediately, and which will only be possible once the threat from Hamas has been removed.


Joe Biden specifies that there can be no forced displacement of Palestinians, no reoccupation of Gaza, no siege or blockade and no reduction of the territory. In this forum, the American president also threatens to ban visas from extremist settlers who attack Palestinians in the West Bank, calling for justice to be done against those responsible for the violence against civilians.

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