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Kirby Smart’s Son Makes Lewd Gesture At UT Fans In Viral Video

Kirby Smart Son Tennessee
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Kirby Smart’s son appeared to go full menace mode during Saturday’s college football game between the Georgia Bulldogs and Tennessee Volunteers. A young man that certainly looked like Andrew Smart, the youngest of three siblings, was filmed on the sideline during the second half.

He turned toward the crowd and made an explicit gesture in their direction.

Although the hilarious exchange was caught on camera, it is not entirely clear as to what might have led the boy to mock the Tennessee fanbase. Perhaps the Volunteers were chirping him throughout the afternoon. Perhaps it was completely unprompted.

Either way, the savage antics could not be any funnier.

It looked like Kirby Smart’s son!

There is a chance that it might not be Andrew Smart. The youngster in question might be someone else, who just happened to be standing on the bench of the No. 1 team in the country on the road. We don’t know for sure but he definitely resembled the head coach’s son.

If the person in question is actually Andrew as is believed, his father will probably have a long talk with his son about how to handle himself during games. The whole thing may not go over particularly well in the Smart household.

Even if Kirby Smart must speak with Andrew about the crude sideline motion, a small part of him will be unable to contain his laughter. There is no way to deny the hilarity— even if it isn’t a great look.

Georgia completely embarrassed Tennessee on its home field. The Bulldogs stayed undefeated with a 28-point win and stayed on track to go back-to-back-to-back.

There is still a long way to go before Smart can lift his third national championship trophy in three years. However, Georgia is only getting better as the season goes on and the Bulldogs are clearly playing with swagger, as exemplified by the juvenile’s sideline savagery!

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