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Plane more LGBTIQ+ encuestas en Durango

Before we know the results of the Primera Encuesta LGBTIQ+ Durango 2023, we will carry out a joint survey with the support of the Commission Estatal de los Derechos Humanos, we will be able to replicate in these following years to carry out an evaluation of the advances of the main concerns of the community. , as this is the safety issue.

In this regard, 68.8 of the 1530 people who participated in the survey of 21 municipalities of the state showed that they were sensitive to their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Karla Alejandra Obregón Avelar, president of the Commission Estatal de los Derechos Humanos en Durango (CEDH), considers how good the participation you have in this is its first exercise.

“Es very good participation, we must recognize that there is a great effort and hubo great participation, porque inclusiveo la encuesta que hace el Inegi en estos temas, pues batalla con las muestras dado a la sensibilidad del tema, entonces consideramos que si hubo una good participation and also of 21 municipalities of the 39 of the state, entonces sí es a muestra muy representativa”, by Obregón Avelar, who recognized that there was only the participation of La Laguna, pues entre Gómez Palacio y Lerdo no se logró ni el 10 por ciento.

The president hopes that after a year, she can repeat the exercise in order to carry out an evaluation of the different topics that will be addressed in the survey.

“The proposal for the investigation is to have a radiography of what is the situation of the community of diversity in Durango and what are its main requests or priorities and in attention to it, can realize some public actions, for example, protocols of action, that is one of the main ones that requires, that has protocols of action with perspective of human rights, especially for the community in the public institutions and we are carrying out this work and of the future, we can also replicate to see also the advances we have in one año”, detailed.

Obregón insistió en que bien parte de los resultsados ​​fueron reveladores y una muestra del trabajo serio que se realizó.

“It is the result of serious and methodological work that our much light is located in this sector of the population”.

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