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Arturo Zaldívar attends the registro de Sheinbaum as precandidata to the Presidencia

The cup of Morena and allied parties will be presented to be joined to the exjefa of Gobierno. (EL UNIVERSAL)

The former minister of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), Arturo Zaldívar, attended as a special invitee to the register of Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo as a unique petition to the Presidency of the Republic of Morena, Partido del Trabajo and Partido Verde Ecologista.

Zaldívar estuvo presente en las primeras filas del Salón Olmeca del WTC donde The cup of Morena and other parties will be presented to be presented to Sheinbaum Previo al arranque de la precampaña presidential that will come this moon.

In social laws, the ex-minister wrote an honor to accompany Sheinbaum Pardo and assured that he would travel to a more just and more equal country.

“Fue un honor acompañar a la doctora @Claudiashein en su registro como precandidata a la Presidencia de la República. We travel together in a more just and more equal country. Todos los derechos para todas las personas”, written by the ex-minister of the SCJN.

It is mentioned that, Arturo Zaldívar resigned from the Supreme Court on November 7 to join Claudia Sheinbaum’s team.

Hoy, en su discurso, Sheinbaum reiterated that van por el Plan C, el cual consists of holding the mayoría in the Legislative Power to reform the Judicial Power so that Sean elects the ministers and plays by the town.

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