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In Brazzaville, a vast operation to clear public space called “Let’s keep our cities clean”

In Congo-Brazzaville, the ministry in charge of Decentralization has been carrying out for several days, with the town hall of the capital, an operation to clear public spaces called “Let’s keep our cities clean”. Kiosks and aprons are cleared or simply destroyed along the sidewalks by the police, to the great dismay of the citizens who hold them.

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With our correspondent in Brazzaville, Loicia Martial

This Sunday afternoon, traffic is very fluid around the total market, the largest market in Brazzaville, a place usually occupied in an anarchic manner by traders. The sellers who occupy the surrounding areas have been evicted. Further on, at the foot of the Centennial Bridge, the stalls of makeshift businesses were ransacked by the police with hammers and nail pullers.

The traders do not hide their dismay. “ It hurts people: chasing people away brutally and coming to break things, deplores one of them. Soon a lot of grass will grow. How are they going to resolve this? »

At the same location, the managers of a public transport vehicle parking lot were asked to leave the premises.

Carmel only had time to barely save the cash register which she uses to hold her credit transfer phones. “ There’s nothing we can do about ithe blurted. Otherwise, business no longer happens as it used to. There is a drop because there are no longer enough customers “.

An operation carried out in all major cities in the country

The Minister Delegate in charge of decentralization, Juste Désiré Mondélé, justifies this operation: “ This involves talking about reorganization, especially since evacuated people or traders are in principle returning to state markets. And, from the testimonies or feedback that we have, many have already occupied the stalls in the state markets and with ease in the practice of their trade. »

The “let’s keep our cities clean” operation will be carried out in all major cities across the country.

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