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Five people caught on the elevator of the Plaza de la Tecnología de Torreón

Jóvenes que pretendían endure al segundo nivel. (EL SIGLO DE TORREÓN)

You can be warned and rescued if you move late this month to a technology shopping plaza located in the Torreón Center, allowing five people to be caught on the elevator.

The emergency call is reported at 6:15 p.m. in the state emergency system 911, for those who were caught in a five-minute delay inside the elevator.

Según el report de los hechos, los jóvenes que pretendían endurer al segundo nivel de la plaza quedaron atrapados luego de que las puertas del elevator serraran, por lo que quedaron come to the solicitor ayuda mediate gritos to see if they are exposed to the exteriorwithout embargo, if you do not receive a response, we will decide on the emergency number.

The numbers of people caught correspond to: Héctor, 27 years old, Evanely, 22 years old, Alicia, 2 years old, Cristian, 33 years old, and Canales, 4 years old.

When you arrive at the heroic elements there are bombers who will carry out labor opportunities to be able to do so unblock the elevator and allow affected persons to be released.

Elements of the Directorate of Public Security collaborate with the actions of liberation.

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