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The truth: Little Pig Schnuffel has to go

Deportation in a soft way: The federal government is finally taking action “on a large scale” and allowing those sent to home to be deported gently.

Children's toy car

Before the deportation, children are allowed to prepare themselves for the big day of the deportation with toys Photo: AP

With his impious desire to “finally deport people on a large scale,” Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) is anything but alone in Europe. He sees the Danish Social Democrats as a shining example. In the neighboring country, the right to asylum has been undermined and undermined for a long time, and negotiations were even underway with Rwanda about setting up asylum centers outsourced there.

The good news is that deportation can also be progressive. What until recently had the reputation of being a classic asshole move is now also seen as a legitimate feature of left-wing popular welfare. There is no need for right-wing extremists or conservatives for a shamelessly restrictive migration policy, and elections can definitely be won by incorporating fascist elements into one’s own party program.

It is unclear whether this can be transferred to Germany, as voters in the motherland of National Socialism traditionally prefer the original, but one can at least try. But of course red-green deportation will be completely different than what we have seen so far. “Humanity and order” are crucial (Katharina Schulze, Green Party). Fortunately, especially when it comes to the Yazidis, who are now increasingly being deported again, people are fully aware of their own responsibility: the traumatized women can only be exposed to the immense dangers that threaten them in their “safe country of origin” with extreme caution – keyword “soft Deportation”.

Among other things, small giveaways are intended to alleviate the hardships of the – at least Red, Green and Yellow agree – cruel and completely pointless process. Because when a Yazidi woman like this stands in front of her bombed-out parents’ house in the dusty limbo of northern Iraq with her excellent German school certificate in her hand, a beautifully designed booklet will suddenly conjure up a comforting smile on her haggard face: with the funny primer “Reda’s Return” In the knapsack that the Federal Ministry of the Interior gives to all deportees as a small souvenir of a great host country, getting used to murder, misery and persecution again is certainly a lot easier.

Honest regret

Where under Horst Seehofer (CSU) hatred and derision accompanied the entire deportation procedure, as if the refugees had personally kicked the then Interior Minister in the shins, here a story of honest regret is told in warm colors, simple language and perfectly gendered: the rosette guinea pig Schnuffel is sitting in a boat with his family when the brown rat Abdul swims up and wants to get into the boat too. But unfortunately it is already full. Schnuffel really has to cry, she feels so sorry for Abdul, but there is no other way. But then the guinea pig sees what appears to be land far away, bathed in a silver lining on the horizon. Sniffles points this out to the rat so it can swim there. At the end everyone is happy and waves to each other from a distance.

But this is just one of numerous measures with which the traffic light wants to remove the inhumane image that the deportations still had under the black and red regime. The migration package to be adopted is intended to extend the free stay in the highly comfortable deportation detention center from the current 10 to up to 28 days. The houses will be equipped with pellet heating and photovoltaics, and the bars are 100 percent recyclable.

Reallocated special assets

There will also be an organic sauna and a juice bar, provided that the special funds for the Bundeswehr can be reallocated accordingly. Psychotherapists work around the clock to provide those in the home with suitable tools that will enable them to satisfactorily cope with the prospect of abduction, rape and lack of rights.

Bad voices may babble about “greenwashing” here, but unfortunately there are dissatisfied wiseguys everywhere who want to do better first. According to the ideas of its intellectual authors, the red-green deportation policy will be fair, climate-neutral, equal and diverse. Mindfulness and protection of minorities are key, people of color are even given priority in the transport sequence. The deportation itself takes place by train or cargo bike. This is doubly sustainable because it is environmentally friendly and at the same time prevents a rapid return.

If there can be any talk of “return” at all, because analogous to the British idea for Rwanda, we are now planning an externalized asylum center: In the future, asylum seekers should submit their applications in Saxony instead of in Germany. The federal government’s hope is that they might think about it more carefully beforehand.

And probably the best thing of all comes last – won in a compromise from Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP): Sumsi from the Volksbank is giving all deported children under the age of eight a savings book with five euros in credit, which can only be redeemed in Germany. Bad luck, but there’s nothing you can do.

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