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Ojalá ese grand artista fuera un grand padre: Aracely Arámbula estalla contra de Luis Miguel

The actor Aracely Arámbula lived last and directly with Luis Miguel and the little communication that the song held with his children: “It is our food, we do not communicate with them”.

During the red carpet of the door in the scene of Vaselina that ‘La Chule’ lived without mentioning the relationship that Luis Miguel had with his friends Miguel and Daniel, a few years ago.

The actress mentioned that in the next moment she could work as a singer to see the children.

“Eso de que digan que yo no dejo que los vea es liera. Mi puerta siempre ha estado abierta, no tengo que estar yo, obviamente va a estar alguien de mi familia, porque, pues no es una persona con la que ellos tengan una communication as for your travel companions, no one trusts me, she says that she is more angry with her”, Aracely Arámbula said.


This means that we cannot be a good artist, but we already have our responsibilities as a father.

“As all of our fathers, we are not my idols who decide that we cannot be fathers. We have Alejandro Fernández, with our children in the scene, with our little ones, Chayanne, kindly who has listened to me with much love, with much heart , that you listen to my friends, that your friends love them and admire them. And it’s possible that your dad is an idol, that’s a bueno, that’s a father.”

A weighing of the problems that I had with Luis Miguel, the action inculcado el respect and admiration hacia él.

“A mis hijos siempre les he says: ‘admiren muchísimo a su papa porque su papa es un grand artista’, pero ojalá que ese grand artista también sea un grand padre para ellos. No conmigo, para ellos”.


In the meantime, I have mentioned that I have been platicado with my friends, so I decide what to decide and what not to decide:

“Lo platicamos mucho. Else sabían that comes to the alfombra of Vaselina I said ‘mamá, ten mucho cuidado porque te van a estar preguntando cosas’, pero lo lo mos estado platicando y digo ‘¿puedo decir esto?’, ‘sí clear'”. The singer says that “I believe that I love you and you trust that this is your diary”.

To finalize, Aracely no dudó en despotricar contra de Luis Miguel por su falta de responsabilidad con sus hijos,

“Es deudor alimentario, faltan detalles, but yo yo estoy muy tranquila with my life, yo soy a woman que trabajo mucho, que no me hace falta nada para mantener a mis hijos, es una responsabilidad, por suuesto, y una obligación, y es un derecho de mis hijos, pero ahorita yo vengo a entertainme mucho”.

¿Qué opina Aracely Ambula on the relationship of Luis Miguel with the lovers of his new marriage Paloma Cuevas?

“Los hijos de mi compadre Enrique Ponce, qué bueno, los hijos ne tienen la culpa, mais que atienda à los suyos. No one has any communication (with Paloma), I imagine, and I don’t, she doesn’t have me. La conozco muy bien, si es mi comadre, estuvo en la pila bautismal cargando à mi hijo, y ella fue madrina por Enrique Ponce. Because Enrique Ponce is Luis’s friend, he says he is his friend and he is the ex of my friend.”

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