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Tyreek Hill Blasts Patriots Fans ‘Some Of The Worst Fans In NFL’

Tyreek Hill

Getty Image / Maddie Meyer

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill has had to play some really big games against the New England Patriots in his career. But, he let it be known after Dolphins’ 24-17 win over the Patriots in Foxboro on Sunday Night Football that he does not like Patriots fans at all.

The comments came in the locker room following the game.

““Those fans are probably some of the worst fans in the NFL, and I’m gonna stand on that. They are real nasty and some of the things they were saying, I wouldn’t say in church.”
You can make your own inferences and what was said to Tyreek Hill, as the options have various degrees of severity. But, it’s not the first time an athlete has complained about Boston fans.

Los Angeles Lakers forward and NBA legend LeBron James and Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green have also complained about Boston fans.

Draymond Green’s wife complained during the 2022 NBA finals between the Celtics and the Warriors that Boston fans were chanting “**** you Draymond” and other expletive-laden comments when he kids were around.

And, LeBron James has called Boston fans “racist as f***”, and had a drink poured on him back in 2012.

Even Boston sports legend Bill Russell, who won eleven NBA titles as a player for the Celtics, and two titles as a player-coach, hated Boston fans for their perceived racism. He once described the city as a “flea market for racism”

Tyreek Hill has played a ton of important games against the Patriots, especially as a member of the Chiefs. The Chiefs and the Patriots were winning their divisions every year in the late 2010s, meaning they played each other every year. Plus, they met in the 2019 AFC Championship Game in Kansas City. Obviously, some of those games were not in Foxboro, but he’s played there enough with the Chiefs and now the Dolphins, where he will visit New England once a year, to form an opinion about Patriots fans.

New England did a nice job keeping him in check after a monster week 1. Hill had five catches for 40 yards and a touchdown.

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