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Migrants quedan varados en Nazareno

Migrant citizens, in their majority of Venezuelan nationality, who moved to the community of Villa Nazareno, municipality of Lerdo.

“Our quedamos go. Ayer (domingo) comes on the train from Guanajuato with direction to Monterrey (Nuevo León), but from ayer (domingo) as from the very late (3:00 p.m.) our quedamos aquí. (Our dijeron ) that other trainees came to change the guard”, commented Jesus, one of the migrant citizens who rushed to the border with United States to be able to cross.

“We lasted and loved without the heads (máquina) of the three men”, hecho that they were already disconcertados.

Babies, women embarazadas, and their majority of young men, those who travel in the cargo ships, the majority originates from Venezuela.

Like Jesus, who salió of his country from the 21st of ago, with the hope of llegar to the United States and having a better life with major opportunities.

The vagons quedaron justo in the middle of the community of Nazareno, many of them hope, “no es casualidad”, dijo uno de ellos. “We have learned that we have to adjust the machines and other equipment that has some problems and that we do not have to worry about it”, said I was concerned, it was reported for more than 23 hours of uncertainty.

A numbered group decided to take the train and continue their journey by truck, and if they took it to Torreón, Coahuila, they could take another train that the students got to the frontier. However, it is possible to lay some of the tuvieron alone, with all of those that contain dinner in addition to the bags.

“There is much to do, even though it is my turn to move on (Migración). The most safe thing is the journey”, said Jesus, rodeado of his travel companions. “Our apoyamos between all”, commented on the migrants, “sobre todo to keep the women embarazadas and the babies that live in this number of the group”.

Before the situation, we do not have to shelter our vehicles to bring them to safety, as do the Amparo Favela, who assures us that we are the first to know that the road, can be when the train holds momentarily on its way, the brindan apoyo.

“The people we have enjoyed with the bath, water, food, we have collaborated in everything”, said with emotion.

Please note that the receipts are unconfined, “one of them is sent to the television”, although others are loaded on their cell phones. “Ya here are three ollas of temprano coffee, ahorita les iba a decir à las señoras para que vinieran a cocinarles à sus niños”, says the woman of advanced edad.

Debajo de los árboles, en grupos, esperaban que el tren se puiera en marche, minetras algunos vecinos llegaban con pan, refresco, con un poco de ayuda para que su espera fuera fuera más llevadera. Other doctors like Sergio, commented that when the train was loaded with migrants, the grit to the machines so that they moved at speed and were able to throw food, water or haste, for the long journey.


You will be here for 24 hours, staff of the National Migrating Institute (INM), ready to stay, informed by members of the Municipal and State Police, to present an option of assistance, this is before the presence of minors.

In the presence of migrants, who hope to be able to return on their route to any frontier, consider that it is more safe than others.

Record that the migrant station located in the municipality of Gómez Palacio, like the rest of the country, was witnessed by the tragedy that was registered in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, on March 27, 2023, that shared the lives of 40 migrants there already heridos to other tantos.

The train was running until 3:00 p.m., without any apparent reason.
The train was running until 3:00 p.m., without any apparent reason.

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