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Examining Terra’s (LUNA) notable price increase and the attractiveness of a newly emerging Cryptocurrency


Terra’s network activity has risen sharply recently, showing renewed interest in its ecosystem. The project has also been upgraded to a newer version, causing a short-term price increase. 

However, analysts say its momentum will be outdone by NuggetRush, a presale project that just grew by 20%. Could NUGX emerge as the best cryptocurrency investment of 2023? Let’s discuss.

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NuggetRush: Engaging mining lovers via Hyperrealistic gaming

NuggetRush (NUGX) is bringing a new and authentic mining experience with the bonus of wealth-building opportunities. This game tasks players to operate a successful mining empire and earn financial rewards on the journey. Within NuggetRush (NUGX), NFTs take center stage, featuring artisanal miners, business managers, and mining equipment.

To enhance their mining prowess, players must pinpoint lucrative locations abundant in mineral resources. They will employ geophysical surveys, soil sampling, and traditional prospecting techniques. 

The effectiveness of each NFT character directly influences mining efficiency, with higher efficiency yielding higher rewards.

NuggetRush (NUGX) introduces collaborative mining endeavors, allowing players to join mining guilds and receive additional rewards through group challenges. Successful participants earn more NFTs, upgraded machinery, and in-game currency. 

The game also introduces RUSHGEM rewards, offering the opportunity to exchange them for real-world gold. In addition, players can sell other rewards on NuggetRush’s marketplace. Moreover, players can hold and stake NFTs, earning a fixed interest.

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Terra (LUNA) rises amid excitement around recent update

Terra’s network was upgraded on October 18, 2023, mirroring its high network activity in the past few months. Terra’s upgrade came as the market excitement over Bitcoin ETFs rose sharply. As expected, LUNA’s value has risen sharply since Terra’s network upgrade.

LUNA traded at $0.495 on October 1. By November 1, LUNA had dropped by 6.6% to $0.462. As the general market bullish increased, LUNA skyrocketed b 56.0% to $0.721 on November 11. 

Terra has made a resurgence in the past few months as its investor sentiment has risen following its high network activity. The COSMOVERSE event in Istanbul on October 2 also increased investor interest in LUNA as the network announced several collaborations with Terra

Analysts expect Terra’s (LUNA) investor sentiment to keep rising due to the excitement around Spot Bitcoin ETFs. They further conclude that LUNA could rise by 29.12% to $0.931 by the year’s end.

Big interest in NUGX

Analysts within the industry are highly optimistic about NuggetRush (NUGX), citing its distinct blend of adventure gameplay and lucrative real-world rewards. Moreover, they anticipate its rise to the ranks of top DeFi projects due to its NFT staking feature

The crypto market has received NuggetRush with high appeal. Since launching its blockchain ICO, the project has sold nearly 35 million NUGX tokens. NUGX’s value has also appreciated by 20% as it entered round 2 of its presale. Now, NUGX costs $0.012. 

Yet, it will grow to $0.013, further rising by 8.3% by round 3 of its presale. Excited gamers will start enjoying its rewards when NUGX is listed after reaching $0.020.

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