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media charter “further strengthens junta dictatorship”, opposition denounces

In Chad, the High Authority for Audiovisual Media (Hama) – the regulatory body of the Chadian media – has issued some texts to supervise the campaign, with a view to the constitutional referendum scheduled for December 17.

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With our correspondent in Ndjamena, Olivier Monodji

This charter sets the rules for speaking for political parties and political groups, without setting any key to distributing airtime between those in favor of “yes” and those campaigning for “no”.

The Federation of the Credible Opposition (FOC), in Chad, also denounces the provisions of Article 8 and Article 18 of Hama’s decision No. 038 which do not guarantee, according to it, the balance of the democratic debate , which is contested by the MPS, the party of the late president Idriss Deby Itno.

Article 8 of this Hama decision requires that radio and television interviews be carried out in the presence of a Hama representative and article 18 gives the right to this High Authority to suspend the campaign, the broadcast of a program or the distribution of a newspaper or even withdraw an article. These two articles make this part of the opposition see red.

This is the Coué method »

Hama’s latest decision is seriously damaging. Hama further strengthens junta dictatorship via the provisions of article 18. No opposition political party can be free in the face of a Hama rigid to freedom of expression », Explains Yaya Dillo, spokesperson for the Credible Opposition Federation.

This charter suits all the parties, believes Jean Bernard Padaré, before adding that this opposition is just scared: “ The charter does not necessarily suit the parties which support the transition. There is the Federation of Federalist Parties which came to participate in the draw. Unlike the non-credible opposition Federations, they are consistent with their logic. And for us, we think it’s the Coué method. »

The FOC intends to organize a meeting on December 10 in Ndjamena and a peaceful march within a few days to call for a boycott of the constitutional referendum. In the meantime, voter card distribution operations began on Friday the 17th throughout the country.

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