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Missouri Nearly Sparks All-Out Brawl With Gator-Chomp Savagery

Missouri Football Florida Gator Chomp
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Missouri nearly started an all-out brawl after a walk-off home win over Florida on Saturday. The Tigers narrowly escaped defeat in the closing moments and proceeded to Gator-chomp the visitors into oblivion.

It all started with the Thiccer Kicker.

Harrison Mevis stands 5-foot-11, 243 pounds. He has one of the biggest legs in college football and is known for his savage antics.

Mevis nailed a game-winning field goal as time expired to beat the Gators by two and proceeded to get the party started by Gator-chomping his way off of the field. Shots fired!

There was a little bit of irony in the celebration, because Missouri was an 12-point favorite. Still, a win is a win is a win— and a comeback win at home to stay ranked in the Top 10 is a pretty big deal.

Once Mevis started chomping, the rest of his team joined in. The Tigers ran all over the field and clapped with their arms extended out in front of them.

Their antics nearly caused tension to boil over on the sideline. Florida players were furious.

Defensive line coach Sean Spencer had to step in and separate the two sides. Had he not been there to direct his players back toward the locker room, someone might have swung as Missouri players Gator-chomped and danced right in their faces.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the field, quarterback Brady Cook hopped up into the stands to join the student section in chomping the Gators off of the field. It led to one of the coolest, coldest photos of the entire season thus far.

In the end, Missouri moved to 9-2. Although an SEC Championship bid is likely out of the picture at this point in the season, Eli Drinkwitz has a special team in Columbia.

The Tigers find ways to win and have a lot of fun along the way!

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