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Leer Suma, one step more

A lo largo de más de un siglo hemos sido para usted El Defensor de la Comunidad, esencia que hemos converto en un mantra para nuestras plataformas.

The advance of technology in all of society’s ambitions is ours as an independent means of communication and a step closer to the world of digitalization, but this progress requires improvements in the period that we offer to our new readers the platforms with brands that we used to know: El Siglo de Torreón (periódico impreso que nene en plus manos), www.elsiglodetorreon.com.mx (has a single click) and www.siglotv.mx (ahora nos ves).

Sin olvidar, además, que a lo largo de más de un siglo hemos sido para usted El Defensor de la Comunidad, esencia que hemos converted into a mantra para nuestras plataformas, without ever losing the series of new publications, the truth of the stories and the amenidad in a set of all new contents.

For all of this family that conforms to this Casa Editora we have an additional message to offer you the same thing, even though it is valid, because we know that with so much information based on and false notices that our acribillan a cada instante requires greater rigor, Please note that the speed of dispersal of the notices does not have to be the same as those verified, confronted, questioned and viewed to be compared.

Note that there are tens of them in the subscriptions, even if they are printed as digital ones, exclusive material to amplify your vision, your panorama of the world, the country and the region for your daily decisions, to deepen the topics that form part of the diary and to do so understand the information of various angles. We agree that this is not our permission to develop an independent period that is available to inform in small circumstances so that we can obtain the best, most quickly and verdadero in each of our new contents. Que lo que lea valga.

¡Let us join together this time, we invite you to summer!

Subscribe to our new digital edition. For the independent period that it was informed from 101 years ago.

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