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Wes Anderson confirms Michael Cera is in his next movie

After his return to the big screen earlier this year with Asteroid City, director Wes Anderson has confirmed that his next cinematic venture will involve Michael Cera.

Speaking to Deadline, Anderson revealed the news and teased: “We have Michael Cera. He’s one of the other characters in this new story. And he’s somebody I probably met, I think, close to 20 years ago. At least 18 years ago, something like that. I met him with Harvey Keitel, so it must have been 2008 or something. But, anyway, Michael Cera. That’s one”.

In the past year, Cera had lent his talents to the comedy-drama The Adults and starred in the Greta Gerwig blockbuster Barbie as Allen.

While there are uncertainties surrounding when work will pick up due to the ongoing strikes, Anderson also stated Benicio Del Toro will be involved in his forthcoming project. He told the publication: “Well, before the Writer’s Guild strike began, we had just finished a script. Roman Coppola and I had been working on a script. So, when the time is right again, we’ve got a movie to make with Benicio Del Toro”.

Anderson also shared his sympathy for young filmmakers who are unable to earn during this current period of uncertainty, stating, “I know that feeling — it’s so familiar — of anxiety and uncertainty. Their lives are completely led up to wanting to do this job, and suddenly they’re not finding a way to function”.

Later this month, Anderson’s new Roald Dahl adaptation, The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar, is set to arrive on Netflix. The short stars Ralph Fiennes and Dev Patel and is a cinematic retelling of Dahl’s story of the same name.

Although few facts are known about Anderson’s next project, which is still yet to receive a name, Jeff Goldblum has also been rumoured to appear in the movie.

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