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Ban on the right-wing extremist Hammerskins: The pressure must remain high

The right-wing extremist Hammerskins were able to network undisturbed for 30 years. Even after its overdue ban, the scene remains dangerous.

A police officer accompanies another person.

Jameln, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: Search of the nationally known right-winger Sven Krüger Photo: Jens Büttner/dpa

BERLIN taz | The activity had been going on for ages. They organized around 30 years ago right-wing extremist Hammerskins Concerts spread hate music in the scene. There were nationwide raids against the group as early as 2002, and later some Hammerskins moved into the NSU environment. Now, in 2023, the ban will take place.

If there is one group that can be questioned as to why it is only being banned now, then it is this one. Recently, Hammerskins no longer even appeared in reports for the protection of the constitution – although they were still active. Although the group avoided the public, they identified themselves with logos on concerts and recordings. And it exerted a certain amount of attraction in the scene: as a self-declared elite and “brotherhood,” long-standing active cadres organized themselves there.

The authorities were watching – and the right-wing extremists were able to network over the years, including internationally raise money through concerts and martial arts and new members, who had to test themselves over years, were trained to adhere to the strictest ideology. In short: they were able to keep a machine of hate running.

The weapons found during the searches on Tuesday show how dangerous it is – and the investigations into weapons violations against some of the accused. It is therefore overdue for Nancy Faeser to ban the Hammerskins. When she took office, the Social Democrat had already announced that right-wing extremist networks wanting to smash. The authorities took action against Reich citizens – but nothing else followed. Even Faeser’s predecessor, Horst Seehofer, had repeatedly resorted to bans against the right-wing extremist scene.

We can only hope that Faeser’s strike against the Hammerskins is not just a Hessian election campaign maneuver, but that it will keep the pressure on the neo-Nazi scene high from now on. It would be necessary. It is unlikely that the “brothers”, who have been organizing conspiratorially for many years, will simply give up. The number of dangerous right-wing extremists in the country remains far too high.

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