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Mark Andrews Injury Revives Sports Betting Refund Debate

Mark Andrews walks off the field after being injured.

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The Ravens and Bengals faced off Thursday in an AFC North showdown which had major implications in the divisional race. Baltimore sat atop the standings at 7-3 upon entering the matchup while Cincinnati was 1.5 games behind at 5-4.

There was a lot of action on the game as sports bettors raced to the books to place their tickets. The most bet player was Mark Andrews, who went down with an injury in the first quarter of play.

Not only were 99% of Andrews’ total reception props placed on the OVER, but BetMGM’s John Ewing said the tight end was included in four of the game’s top five prop bets.

Those included tickets on touchdowns, yards, and catches, all of which will fall short after he suffered a first half lower body injury.

Andrews hauled in a pass in the redzone before turning up the field with eyes on the endzone. The tight end’s leg was rolled up on as he was tackled by a Cincinnati defender, and he was slow to get back to his feet.

While Andrews was able to leave the playing field under his own power, he would not return to the game.

With that being said, his final stat line would end at two receptions for 23 yards and no scores. All fell below the projected lines for the contest.

We’ve seen instances like this in the past, which begs the question: Should bets on injured players be refunded?

The debate was kicked off early this season following the Achilles injury to Aaron Rodgers just one drive into his New York Jets debut. In that particular case, social media seemed split.

Some believe an early exit should void tickets as a form of good faith from the sportsbooks. Others say it’s a risk that comes along with placing a wager.

With the amount of money placed on Mark Andrews on Thursday Night Football, the injury is sure to spark a reaction amongst bettors. We’ll see if the books honor a refund or take the money and run.

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