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Now is an “incredibly good time” to invest

Millennial Grant Sabatier acquired a seven-figure net worth from virtually nothing by investing his savings in low-cost index funds in early 2010. Meanwhile, he invested in real estate, co-founded MMG Media Group, which creates, buys and sells websites. He is trying to increase the value of his investment shares.

“I don’t want to fully focus on index funds, own websites and to have several properties,” he told Insider. “I want to diversify my portfolio into other asset classes.”

The entrepreneur sees several opportunities. “This is an incredibly good time to buy a lot of things as interest rates are so high which, if you have cash or access to private loans, makes the competition much weaker,” he added.

G. Sabatier subscribes to one of Warren Buffett’s investment philosophies: Be fearful when others are greedy, be greedy when others are fearful. Recently, “everyone was very scared,” he suggested, noting that there were good investment opportunities and naming digital assets such as blogs, content websites and Amazon FBA product pages.

G. Sabatier especially likes to buy websites because they are simple and relatively affordable. “You have to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in other items. You can buy sites for $10,000 to $20,000,” said the investor, who uses websites like Empire Flippers, QuietLight and The Website Flip to find online businesses and sites. “But this does not necessarily mean that you will have to pay this money. I recently bought and everything was seller financed,” he added.

Mr. Sabatier first built his own Millennial Money website and subsequently acquired several others. However, he recommends going the route of buying an existing site and expanding it instead of launching your own and starting from scratch.

He is also optimistic about alternative assets. “The collectibles market is still very, very hot, even as it recovers from the pandemic,” he said. He believes there is an opportunity in the market for nostalgic items such as VHS tapes and old video games. Mr. Sabatier buys a Rolex watch. One of his most valuable collector’s items is the Rolex of the famous beatnik and author of the cult novel On the Road Jack Kerouac.

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