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the CSP intends to extend its fight to all regions of the North

The war continues between the army and the CSP (Permanent Strategic Framework). The capture of Kidal, a rebel stronghold, by Malian soldiers and their Russian auxiliaries on Tuesday marks a major success for Bamako and a crucial step in the ongoing hostilities. But the CSP rebels have already shown their intention to “continue the fight”. How ? With what objectives? RFI asked the question to one of the main leaders of the CSP. And for the rebels, the fight must not only continue, but even expand.

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The war has entered a new phase, which could extend well beyond Kidal. Since the resumption of clashes two months ago, the CSP rebels have only defended the localities under their control at the time of the signing of the 2015 peace agreement. But the intensive bombings by the Malian army and the group Wagner on Kidal forced the CSP rebels to withdraw from the last and most emblematic of these localities: Kidal, their stronghold.

From now on, the CSP intends to broaden its fight. Attaye Ag Mohamed is a political executive of the CSP, in charge of diplomatic affairs. “ The CSP forces withdrew, neither broken nor destroyed, much less annihilated. We will not lay down our arms. Our military struggle will consist of retaking the entire territory of Azawad, the five regions of Kidal, Timbuktu, Gao, Ménaka and Taoudeni. »

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However, the rebels are not demanding independence for the northern regions, as was the case in 2012. For the moment, at least. Because the 2015 peace agreement, which made it possible to extinguish this demand, was shattered. And Attaye Ag Mohamed, of the CSP, believes that the time for dialogue and political resolution has not come.

We do not think that the transitional authorities are in a position for sincere discussion. So for us too: no. We remain open to dialogue when it comes to us, but we do not ask for it. The peace agreement was buried by the government, so we no longer talk about it. »

As for the Malian transitional authorities, they have already announced the continuation of their military operations “ for the defense of territorial integrity. »

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