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College Soccer Player Scores INSANE Goal Without Feet Or Head

Zoey Mahoney Drake Soccer throw In Goal
Drake University Athletics / ESPN

Drake University freshman Zoey Mahoney scored the coolest goal of her soccer career on Sunday. She didn’t use her feet, or her head.

Mahoney used her hands to score, legally!

Zoey Mahoney Drake Soccer throw In Goal

The unbelievable goal took place during the fifth minute of Drake’s game against Northern Iowa. Mahoney, a defender, came up to take the throw-in after her team was awarded possession deep into the opposing half.

Rather than standing with her feet planted and tossing the ball over her head, she took things up a notch. Mahoney executed a flip throw to perfection.

For those who don’t know, a flip throw is as how it sounds. It is mostly done close to an opposing team’s goal to try to gain a positional advantage on a scoring opportunity.

It is essentially an in-air somersault where the ground is the base of the movement and the ball is the primary tool for balance. Momentum generated from the flip allows for much greater distance on the throw.

Zoey Mahoney’s flip throw was right on the money.

The ball went soaring into the box, and ultimately into the net for a goal. Well, not quite.

A goal actually cannot be scored directly from a throw-in. It would result in a goal kick.

However, the Northern Iowa keeper got a finger on the ball before it crossed the goal line. Thus, the goal stood and Mahoney scored off of a throw-in. Insane!

The incredible throw-in ended up being the deciding factor. Drake won 2-1!

Had the keeper been keen to what was happening, she would have immediately protested that she did not touch the ball before it went in. Her immediate resignation was telling.

That being said, though, the honesty is appreciated because it made for one of the coolest plays in college soccer history!

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