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Cofepris alerts users of ‘poppers’ in Mexico; its addictive and toxic substances

The Federal Commission for Sanitary Protection (Cofepris) has announced the use of “poppers”, recreational products that contain toxic, irritating, volatile and flammable chemical substances and are addictive.

Cofepris has detected that these are our products, Commonly sold in small amounts of liquids for inhalationit is popular among young people and teenagers.

Según Cofepris, “poppers” are used as psychoactive substances or sexual stimulants that produce euphoria and falta de inhibitionswhere we can learn about sexual practices and the transmission of sexual infections (STI).

One of the major peligros is the tolerance that discourages consumers. Debido has the shortest duration of its effects, Persons need doses of all ages, which increases the risk of poisoning and adverse effects such as sea, vomit, low blood pressure or heart rate..

Consumption of poppers may cause respiratory problems such as Irritation of the respiratory tract, difficulty breathing, chronic asthma, bronchitis and neumonia lipoidea. This could also cause eye damage, visual disturbances and loss of vision.

Además, Prolonged use of this substance can affect peripheral nerves, causing muscular weakness, stimulation and difficulty in coordinating movements.. You can also have negative effects in the cardiovascular system, such as low arterial pressure, cardiac arrest, arrhythmia, ventricular fibrillation and even increasing the risk of suffering a heart attack.

It appears that the simultaneous use of “poppers” with other stimulating drugs (such as MDMA, metanphetamina and cocaine) or medications (for erectile dysfunction or arterial hypertensive disease) Some of the cardiovascular systems may have an additional effect, which will be more intense and heavy with doses and frequency of use..

The components encountered in these products are amilo nitrito, isobutilo nitrito, isopropilo nitrito and butilo nitrito, which may present amarillo color and toxic, irritant, volatile and flammable substances.

We take into account the characteristics and safety of the nitritos contained in the “poppers”:

  • Friendly nitrito: Inhalation or ingestion results in harmful effects of its smell and its attractants.
  • Isopropyl Nitrito: Toxic by contact with skin and by ingestion. It can cause serious eye damage, eye damage and irritation of the respiratory tract.
  • Butyl nitrito: Toxic by ingestion and inhalation, it has an unpleasant aroma. Used in the manufacture of jet fuel.
  • Isobutyl Nitrito: Ingestion is harmful and considered toxic if inhaled.
  • Cofepris recommends the population in general neither to acquire nor to use these substances, and to avoid combining them with other legal or illegal substances subject to the risks for the health that conlleva your consumption.

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