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The dynamics of responsible mobility in New Aquitaine

LA TRIBUNE – What do you mean by the term “responsible mobility”?

ORIANE HOMMET – BAM is a association created in 2020 to bring together a regional network around responsible mobility, whether communities, businesses, associations, manufacturers, etc. We have three missions: to lead this regional ecosystem, to support businesses and communities towards new mobility and to generate knowledge on responsible mobility.

Responsible mobility is our skeleton, our identity which covers the diversity of solutions: soft, shared, alternative, solidarity mobility, etc. What matters is not the mode of travel but it is the way in which each person travels in relation to their needs and by thinking about the impact of this mode on the climatic, social and economic levels. From this point of view, the car can sometimes also be the right solution!

“Fuel must be treated like tobacco, we must reduce our consumption! »

LA TRIBUNE – What does the diversity of both the applications and the winners say about the mobility landscape in New Aquitaine?

They all respond differently to the same challenge of responsible mobility across New Aquitaine. Beyond the great diversity of the 43 applications, I note the great place given to cycling which is present, in different forms, in 80% of the projects! This is quite consistent with recent changes in uses and the mobilization of public authorities to encourage cycling. It is a movement that relies on pioneers such as Pony, Jean Fourche Or VUF and which continues to grow!

In the same logic, we see the marked growth of cycle logistics with reflections on last mile delivery strategies in all major cities. To respond to this challenge, cyclo-logistics is essential on the one hand because there is no longer enough space on the surface and, on the other hand, because there is more and more solutions available on the market to meet different needs.

Urban logistics: a new all-round strategy in Bordeaux Métropole

The five responsible mobility winners

Five winners from 43 applications were selected by the jury . The grand prize is awarded to the AL2B association (Amicale laïque de Bordeaux Benauge) for a bicycle transport service for children having a medical appointment during school hours. The Innovation Prize goes tothe Charente-based company Midipile Mobility the ESS prize (social and solidarity economy) tothe House of Bordeaux delivery men the behavioral change prize to the Scop les Ateliers du Bocage (Deux-Sèvres) which is experimenting with a car-sharing service in rural areas, and the remarkable initiative prize to the Terre Buissonière association for the Car-à-pattes system pedestrian routes for schools Tarnos (Landes), Biarritz, Bayonne and Anglet (Pyrénées-Atlantiques). Among the other candidates, we find many associative projects but also companies such asJarnat , Railcoop orAvatar Mobility

. Jury composed of representatives of the State, Ademe, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, Bordeaux Métropole, Ceetrus Foundation, Finacoop,


and the TerrESS chair. Is responsible mobility reserved for the centers of large metropolises? Yes and no ! Cycling and walking remain fairly urban phenomena, but the lines are also moving in small and medium-sized towns where the car traditionally occupies a very important place. Bayonne gets started,

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