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Prohibition of the use of piracy during pilgrimages to the Virgen de Guadalupe in Torreón

In one of the days of continued pilgrimages in Torreón, the parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe will have a safe and clean time, so we announce that we will not allow the use of pirotics and we will be able to maintain the cleanliness of the path. that recorres.

During the first tour, carried out on the 7th of November, which traditionally is the railway station, the first incident was recorded by the use of these artifacts made from pólvora. Según los registros de la parroquia, el año pasado fueron dos casos de quemaduras que masarón por el uso de pirotecnia.

The parishioner René Diaz and the coordinator of the pilgrimages, Rosa María Rivas, announced that it will be the 19th of November in the middle of the country, which will lead to the bending of the dances that will accompany the pilgrims. It will be the only day.

For the moon 20 of November there will be a break with the motive of the parade of the Revolution, so we hope that the pilgrimage begins on the 21st and continues on from the 22nd, the day of Santa Cecilia, patron of the musicians .

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