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Luffy’s Most Controversial Zoro Moment Will Be One Piece Season 2’s Coolest Fight Scene

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the One Piece anime!




  • Luffy and Zoro will have a fight in One Piece season 2, but it’s all a misunderstanding and will make for an entertaining fight sequence.
  • Luffy vs. Zoro could be the best fight scene of the season, with their contrasting abilities and strong characters.
  • The tension between Luffy and Zoro adds an interesting dynamic to their relationship and makes their fight even more compelling.

With Luffy (Iñaki Godoy) and the Straw Hat Pirates headed to the Grand Line, One Piece season 2 promises to bring more exciting anime scenes to live-action — though one interaction with Zoro (Mackenyu) will be Luffy’s most controversial moment of the coming episodes. Luffy spends the majority of One Piece season 1 traveling the East Blue and welcoming other misfits to his newly formed pirate crew. Zoro is the first companion he meets on this journey, and the pirate assassin eventually becomes his First Mate.

With Luffy sporting the highest bounty in the East Blue at the ending of One Piece season 1, season 2 is sure to challenge all the Straw Hat Pirates — and Zoro most of all. Given his sword-fighting skills, Zoro is often tasked with protecting the other members of the crew. Anyone who attempts to collect Luffy’s bounty will need to get through both of them. However, it’s not an enemy who will pose the most interesting opposition to Zoro in the live-action One Piece‘s next outing; it’s Luffy.

Luffy Will Fight Zoro In One Piece Season 2 (Based On The Anime)

Live-action Zoro and One Piece anime's Straw Hat pirates

Given Luffy and Zoro both are fiercely loyal to their friends, it’s hard to imagine these characters butting heads. However, if Netflix’s One Piece sticks to the anime’s script, Luffy and Zoro will fight in season 2. Those who have fallen for the live-action duo’s friendship needn’t worry. Although Luffy and Zoro briefly spar in the next chapter of One Piece, it all comes down to a misunderstanding. In the Whisky Peak Arc of the One Piece anime, the Straw Hat Pirates realize the seemingly welcoming town where they’ve docked isn’t friendly after all. In fact, it’s full of bounty hunters who’d love to get their hands on Luffy.

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Luffy is the last to realize that Whisky Peak is full of enemies, and he initially believes that Zoro is attacking innocent townspeople for no reason. Quick to react, Luffy jumps at Zoro before he can explain himself. Both hot-headed characters engage in a quick fight, which is entertaining and engaging. Even after the Baroque Works agents attempt to fight the pirates themselves, Luffy and Zoro tell them to back off. It’s clear the two are itching to test out their abilities on each other. Even if Luffy’s distrust of Zoro proves controversial in One Piece season 2, their match is bound to make a compelling fight sequence.

Luffy Vs. Zoro Can Be One Piece Season 2’s Best Fight Scene

Mackenyu as Roronoa Zoro in Netflix's One Piece live-action show

Although the promise of the Grand Line means the Straw Hat Pirates will face more intimidating villain characters in One Piece season 2, Luffy vs. Zoro could be the next outing’s best fight. For one, both characters are extremely strong, offering plenty to marvel at if they choose to pit their abilities against one another. Zoro doesn’t have much experience fighting a Devil Fruit eater like Luffy, and Luffy isn’t one to spar with swords. They’re an interesting match, and it’ll be fun to see how they fare against each other.

While viewers may take issue with Luffy’s quick assumption that Zoro is attacking townspeople, it’ll also be interesting to see how this spat affects their relationship. Enemies pose the biggest threats to the Straw Hat Pirates, but the endearing friendships among the crew are the reason Netflix’s live-action One Piece is so popular. Tensions between Luffy and Zoro could make this season 2 fight even more interesting, digging further into the dynamic between the two characters.

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