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Salomon Idi Kalonda, advisor to Moïse Katumbi, present but weakened at his audience

Salomon Idi Kalonda appeared in court on Monday September 18, the second hearing linked to this case, after that held a month ago. Kalonda is mainly accused of treason, collusion with Rwandan officers and complicity with the M23 rebellion. Yesterday, his defense made procedural arguments, insisting that, in their view, this case should not be tried in a military court.

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With our correspondent in Kinshasa, Patient Ligodi

Visibly weakened, walking with difficulty, tired face, Salomon Idi Kalonda appeared in court. He wanted to explain the reason for his presence despite his condition.

As much as death can take me away through illness, as much as this situation that I am experiencing today with this trial of shame can take me away, that is why I demanded to be present. But every man has limits, I won’t be able to stand up during the entire hearing. »

Transferred to hospital a week ago for health reasons, Salomon Kalonda surrounded himself with a team of at least twenty lawyers. At the bar, they pleaded the court’s incompetence to judge their client, arguing that the latter is a civilian.

They also expressed reservations about the regularity of the procedure, requesting the annulment of all the reports due to a detention considered unconstitutional and the absence of legal representation during the initial interrogations.

The next hearing is scheduled for next Monday, during which the prosecution will respond to the arguments presented by Kalonda’s defense.

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