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Fear The Walking Dead Set Up The Perfect Character For Rick & Michonne’s Spinoff 2 Years Ago


  • Althea is perfectly set to appear in the upcoming spinoff, The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live.
  • Althea’s involvement with the CRM puts her in danger, potentially leading to a team-up with Michonne. Althea might also meet Rick if she has been captured.
  • Althea’s possible cameo in The Ones Who Live would further expand the interconnected universe of The Walking Dead franchise.

Although Fear The Walking Dead is coming to an end, it set up the ideal character to make an appearance in Rick and Michonne’s upcoming spinoff, The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live. The Walking Dead is no stranger to weaving connections between its ever-expanding franchise installments. This ranges from The Walking Dead‘s Dr. Jenner appearing in The Walking Dead: World Beyond‘s finale to The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon‘s scientists experimenting on zombies and creating the variants seen in the other shows.

Fear The Walking Dead has already teased Morgan and Rick’s reunion in The Ones Who Live, since Morgan departed the spinoff by announcing that he was planning to look for Rick. By including characters and lore from other spinoffs, The Walking Dead is setting up The Ones Who Live to be much more than just the long-awaited conclusion to Rick and Michonne’s love story. One of these connections relates to the Civic Republic Military. A specific FTWD character that disappeared two years ago could bridge the gap between Rick Grimes and the world outside the CRM.

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How Althea’s Fear The Walking Dead Story Connects To Rick & Michonne’s Spinoff

Maggie Grace as Althea and Sydney Lemmon as Isabelle in Fear the Walking Dead

Althea first joined Fear The Walking Dead in season 4 with her SWAT van in tow. Prior to the apocalypse, Maggie Grace’s character was a journalist interviewing persons of interest and documenting their stories – a trait she continued after The Walking Dead‘s zombie outbreak. In season 5, she met a CRM soldier named Isabelle, who demanded her camera after Althea recorded a CRM soldier as a walker. Althea left Fear The Walking Dead in season 7, going on the run with Isabelle, who had deserted her duties at the CRM for the sake of love.

Given that Rick was taken by Jadis, who works for the CRM, and that he is currently being held captive there, the villainous group provides an obvious link between Rick and Althea. The Walking Dead‘s series finale showed Rick in a CRM jacket being captured after a failed escape. The teaser trailer for The Ones Who Live also confirms that Michonne is actively searching for her husband. Isabelle betraying the CRM and Althea intercepting CRM coordinates to retrieve her puts Althea alongside Rick in the CRM’s bad books. Althea and Rick have both defied the CRM’s rigid systems and protocols, not to mention posing a threat to the organization’s secrecy.

How Althea Can Return In The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live

A silhouetted man stands on a muddy riverbank holding his hands up while a helicopter hovers menacingly above him, a hazy city skyline in the distance

The fact that Althea pretended to be a CRM soldier to obtain Isabelle’s coordinates has most likely been discovered, since the missing helicopter would not have returned. Additionally, the CRM’s policy to kill anyone who reveals their secrets means the villains will still be searching for Isabelle and Althea. If the couple manage to evade the CRM, Althea and Michonne could potentially run into each other while the latter searches for Rick. Althea’s fascination with others’ stories means any small details Michonne may have gathered about the CRM in her long search could resonate with what Althea knows through Isabelle. This may spark a natural team-up between them.

Alternatively, Althea and Rick could meet at the CRM itself if she has been captured since exiting Fear The Walking Dead. Althea and Rick might work together to try and escape, especially since both of them are friends with Morgan Jones. This is even more likely if Isabelle has been separated from Althea since their capture. Althea’s possible cameo in The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live would perfectly tie Fear The Walking Dead‘s CRM story into Rick and Michonne’s new spinoff, making the wider franchise tapestry even stronger.

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