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Texas A&M WR Spites Jimbo Fisher With Specific Clothing Choice

Moose Muhammad Jimbo Fisher Texas A&M Sleeves
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Jimbo Fisher is no longer the head football coach at Texas A&M University. He was fired last week.

The Aggies will pay Fisher a massive fortune not to lead their team into the future.

Saturday’s game against an FCS opponents marked Texas A&M’s first game without Jimbo Fisher since 2018. His former players had already turned the page by the time that they took the field against Abilene Christian. That was evident by their choice of garment under their uniform.

Muhsin ‘Moose’ Muhammad III wore sleeves!

While that might not seem like a big deal, because it’s not a big deal for a wide receiver — or anybody — to wear sleeves, it is a rather big deal in College Station.

Muhammad, a former four-star recruit, missed the entire game against Auburn. He was a healthy scratch, even though the wide receiver room was depleted due to injury and the offense could have used any semblance of a spark.

Fisher benched Muhammad because he was wearing arm sleeves. It was bizarre. Especially considering that Texas A&M players, including Muhammad, had worn arm sleeves in the past without issue.

Now, less than two weeks later, Fisher is unemployed. Muhammad is wearing sleeves.

Justice has been served! How freeing!

The Aggies are finally able to wear sleeves if they want to wear sleeves. They no longer have to worry about the ramifications of wearing sleeves. Fisher is no longer around to bench them for wearing sleeves.

Yes, this is as ridiculous as it sounds. There is no reason that wearing sleeves should be an issue, but Fisher somehow managed to make it a very big deal. Because of course he did.

Everything that Fisher touched in College Station went poorly. His asinine rules about sleeves might have been the icing on the proverbial cake.

How does a head football coach not allow players to wear sleeves?!

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