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this November 18, the country celebrates “missile industry” day

This November 18 is the day “ of the missile industry » in North Korea. A new public holiday to celebrate the regime’s progress in the ballistic field and particularly a successful missile launch, that of Hwasong 17. An intercontinental ballistic missile with uncertain capabilities but which could pose a threat to the entire American territory. It could also be a way of reminding the country that its future depends greatly on the regime’s ballistic capabilities.

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With our correspondent in Seoul, Nicolas Rocca

The day of the first successful missile launch Hwasong 17, the world also discovered for the first time Kim Ju-ae, the daughter of Kim Jong-un. The photos of the father and his daughter hand in hand, in front of the immense ballistic missile had gone around the world; Now it’s a public holiday. A way to celebrate the regime’s progress. With a range of more than 15,000 kilometers and its multiple warheads, the Hwasong 17 could – theoretically – undermine American anti-missile defenses.

Expert caution

But many experts remain cautious about its real capabilities. And this choice of celebration raises questions because, since then, the North Korean defense industry has had new successes. In particular the Hwasong 18little brother of Hwasong 17a solid-fuel intercontinental missile, which means it can be launched more quickly, without needing to fill it with liquid propellant first.

Legitimize Kim Ju-ae

Some experts believe that the choice of November 18 would also aim to legitimize Kim Ju-ae in the eyes of the North Korean public, by marking the day of his first public appearance with a white stone. A way of showing that Kim Jong-un’s daughter, like the defense industry, represents the future of the country.

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