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Government calls for resumption of peace talks, honors Eoka fighter

Government spokesman Konstantinos Letymbiotis

The government reiterated its commitment to achieve a bicommunal, bizonal federal solution in Cyprus during the annual memorial service for Eoka ’55-’59 fighter and founder Kyriakos Matsis held in Thessaloniki on Sunday.

Speaking at the memorial service, Government Spokesperson Konstantinos Letymbiotis emphasised the government’s goal of active European Union (EU) involvement, expressing the expectation of the appointment of an envoy.

He pledged that Cyprus would do everything possible to achieve a bicommunal, bizonal federal solution with political equality, guided by UN resolutions and EU principles.

Reflecting on Kyriakos Matsis, Letymbiotis hailed him as one of the most significant figures in the Eoka struggle and a visionary for the nation. He acknowledged Matsis’s steadfast defence of freedom and human dignity, commemorating the 65th anniversary of his sacrifice.

The government spokesman also commended Cypriot students, particularly the members of the National Student Union of Cypriots in Thessaloniki, highlighting the symbolic importance of remembering Matsis in the city he loved deeply. Letymbiotis recounted Matsis’s pivotal role in rallying support for Cyprus, both in Greek military prisons and through his involvement in student issues, underscoring his contributions to the unification referendum.

The enduring impact of Kyriakos Matsis on Thessaloniki culminated in a grand silent protest on November 23, 1958. A procession led by the University’s Rector, Senate, and professors expressed solidarity and paid homage to Matsis after a divine service. The event marked a momentous chapter in the city’s history.

Letymbiotis urged the continuation of the struggle for liberation, citing the historical responsibility to honour figures like Kyriakos Matsis. He reiterated the government’s dedication to reunification, promising exhaustive efforts towards resuming negotiations based on UN resolutions and EU principles.

“The greatness of a culture is always proportional to the purity and depth of its historical memory. Our duty is for this historical memory to become an experience, for the necessity of history to meet the historicity of need, for the imperative of unity to transform into liberation,” Letymbiotis added.

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