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ŽSR envisages the construction of two TIOPs in 2024

The construction of the second integrated transport terminal, Bratislava Lamačská brána (Bory), could begin in the first quarter of 2024. This is the assumption of the Railways of the Slovak Republic. They are currently waiting for a statement from the capital in the case of the extension of Saratovská Street.

“Both projects also have several common construction objects, for which the city of Bratislava had to secure construction permits. Without knowing whether Saratovská will be implemented at all, Železnice SR cannot continue with the implementation,” stated the Railways of the Slovak Republic. The company has had an effective contract with the contractor since the end of March.

Changes in Ružinov as well

The Railways of the Slovak Republic also assume that the construction of the Ružinov integrated transport terminal could also begin next year. They justify this by the fact that the capital declared at a joint working meeting that it had issued a consent opinion for the territorial proceedings.

Project documentation for the new stop, including a new switch, began to be drawn up in 2021. The switch would enable double-track operation on the currently single-track line between Nový Mesto and Podunajské Biskupice to the Ružinov stop. And that with the use of one track of the parallel double-track line Bratislava Nové Mesto – Bratislava – central freight station.

In connection with the construction of the stop, the capital plans to redirect the tram line from the current terminus Astronomická to the new terminus Súhvezdna. Until the construction of the new tram line, the railway station will be served only by public transport buses.

The Patrónka stop is also planned

The Patrónka railway station is also planned for the future. In this case, however, the railways, as part of the preparations for the modernization of the western branch of the Bratislava railway junction, decided to move the construction of the Patrónka stop to the junction modernization project. At the same time, there was a change in the location of the proposed stop.

The new planned Patrónka stop should be located before the bridge over Limbová Street towards the city. Access should be from Limbová and Opavská streets.

The Mladá garda stop could also be a novelty

In the future, the Mladá garda railway station is also being considered. However, only after the implementation of the double track and the reconstruction of the bridge over Račianska Street. According to the railways, this also comes into consideration only after the double-tracking of the section Bratislava, main station – Bratislava, Nové Mesto.

Two-way access to the platforms by stairs and elevators should be built from both sidewalks along Račianska Street. New footbridges would be built on both sides of the new bridge. “The relocation or merging of tram stops is not part of the project,” noted the Railways of the Slovak Republic.

The construction of the Trnávka railway station (also called Martin’s Cemetery) was also mentioned in the past. It should be located in a three-track section that passes through a relatively densely populated area and, together with the Trnava road, separates Trnávka from the Ostredky housing estate.

Above-average investment costs

“According to the conclusions of the feasibility study of the Bratislava railway hub, the Trnávka stop requires above-average investment costs. It would only be effective in the case of denser suburban traffic,” added the Railways of the Slovak Republic, adding that its implementation is therefore not recommended yet.

In Bratislava, the first integrated transport terminal will be Vrakuňa on the railway line Bratislava – Komárno. It will be located near the current interchange of buses and trolleybuses on Dolný hony. Its construction began at the end of October, and the work should last until May 2024. It should then be put into use in July.

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