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It Was A Hole-In-One With Him


  • Jon Hamm’s character, Paul Marks, in The Morning Show is more complex than a typical villain, thanks to Hamm’s infusion of charm and humanity.
  • Despite suspicions from the cast, Marks may be their only hope and could potentially save the failing UBA network.
  • Hamm’s portrayal of Marks draws parallels to his iconic role as Don Draper, showcasing his ability to balance cunning and emotion, making him a compelling foil for the main cast.



The Morning Show executive producer Michael Ellenberg discusses Jon Hamm’s new character and reveals that he was the only choice for this complex role. Hamm joins the cast as mysterious tech billionaire Paul Marks, whom Cory Ellison is attempting to court as a buyer for the failing network. However, whether he’s the white knight swooping in to save the day or a wolf they’re inviting into the hen house, looms over the anchors and executives at the UBA network.

During an exclusive interview with Screen Rant for the third season of The Morning Show, Ellenberg discussed working with Hamm. He explained that while Paul Marks isn’t Don Draper, he lives in a world similar to that of Hamm’s iconic Mad Men character. Ellenberg also broke down how Hamm added depth and humanity to this character, which could have simply been portrayed as a villain. Check out Ellenberg’s full quote below:

Michael Ellenberg: This is a good question. We were very fortunate. The pilot script was really strong, and he was excited to sort of dip back in. It’s not Don Draper, but it’s related to the world he inhabited before. I think for him, the opportunity to work with Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon was a bit undeniable. And as you said, he gets to lord over Billy Crudup. He’s the man until things get complicated for him by the end of the season.

But it’s a pretty starry role for Jon, and it’s a role that I think he was looking forward to inhabiting. There’s a version of this character that’s a straight villain, and Jon gave it depth and dimension and humanity – and with a grin that was pretty delightful and delicious. We were just thrilled he came in, but he was our only swing. It was a hole-in-one with him, so we were very fortunate.

How Jon Hamm’s The Morning Show Character Is A Modern Don Draper

The Morning Show Jon Hamm

Hamm is able to infuse Paul Marks with both charm and humanity in a way that makes the character feel more complex than one would expect. This could be a simple Elon Musk-style villain swooping in to dismantle everything UBA stands for as they plummet into financial ruin. However, the depth with which he plays him makes it hard to tell if he has somewhat good intentions or is simply a billionaire who intends to use this to boost his own company.

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Don Draper is arguably Hamm’s most famous role. He brought charm, wit, and pathos to a character who, at his core, is a liar and a con artist. While Paul Marks and Don Draper are inherently different, there are similarities in how they approach situations, especially negotiations, using their money, prowess, and station to control the world around them. Hamm brings the same balance of cunning and emotion to his role on The Morning Show, which is what makes him such a compelling foil for the main cast.

While many, including Jennifer Anniston’s Alex Levy, are suspicious of the billionaire, he seems to be their only hope. Hamm is the perfect actor to bring Paul Marks to life in a way that leans into all the suspicious elements of the character while bringing an intriguing light to him as well. Paul Marks is sure to shake up the dynamics on The Morning Show and could either be UBA’s saving grace or the one to bring it crumbling to the ground.

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