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VIDEO: Reporting attacks by the CJNG against the authorities in various places in Michoacán

Inhabitants and local authorities, reported this night, different attacks on personnel of the National Guard at different points of the state of Michoacánwithout knowing the nature of this criminal offense.

Another attack in the municipality of Gabriel Zamora, which already had five police officers injured and a series of vehicles blocked and roadblocks, was the night of police and young men who registered armed attacks against federal forces.

In Ixtlan of the Hervores, an armed group identified with the Jalisco New Generación Cartel, embodied a personnel of the National Guard. This attack already presuntamente, of the officials and very civil injured, in this municipality of the Zamora region, of which federal and state crimes carried out of their operational.

From simultaneous operation, in the municipality of Numaran, local security areas, informaron of a series of incidents between criminals and authorities. Ello, let’s say that another cell of this misma criminal organization, attacks a police personnel and GN, who respond to the aggression, from which the soldier is disconcerted.

Sooner or later, another group of armed subjects, armed with rifles, disappeared against the GN base in Zamoralocated in the colony Lindavista.

Federal law enforcement officials repel the criminal offense, which lasted for various minutes and which was captured in videos from different points of the municipal head. This attack also disconcerts itself if it involves civilians or national guards who have been injured or committed.

La Secretaría de Seguridad Pública Estatal, informó de los blockedos viales en Capulamunicipality of Morelia and on the Autopista de Occidente, at the height of Huaniqueo. Ello, therefore, in coordination with the Mexican Army and the GN, to restore the vehicle’s transmission, as if guaranteeing the safety of the people traveling in these areas.

Hacia la medianoche also reported an armed attack by members of this criminal group, against municipal police and elements of GN, but in Vista Hermosa.

This is the sum of the blocked roads in the region Zamora, whose subjects with military clothing and the sigils of the CJNG, will be removed with the violence of three trucks. The criminals took flight on cargo trucks at the height of the town of El Llano, municipality of Zamora.

Another armed group despojó the driver of a truck of passengers and took it to the unit, on the free road Zamora-La Piedad, at the height of Ecuandureo.

The areas of intelligence, informaron that these acts of violence, its responsibility for this criminal organization, al depliegue in this region of federal and state crimes.

Please note that in all cases, armed groups travel in trucks rotated with the CJNG brand, the cartel that operates in these municipalities.

The future consultations will confirm that the operations in this area, as finality, capture the main leaders and generators of violence in the area.

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