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In the same way as the breakup, PRD acude a registration with PAN and PRI

The number of districts being negotiated is not public. (TWITTER)

During an intense negotiation, the PRD will enter into coalition with the PAN and the PRI for the 2024 federal elections.

Ayer, the national leadership decided to break the alliance considering that estaban siendo relegados para las candidatureuras has diputaciones and senadurias.

This moon, the cupola perredista met within 12 hours and was eager and received proposals from the leaders of the tricolor and albiaz parties.

At 5:00 p.m. the clock will log a message, every time it is not public the number of districts that are being negotiated.

La molestia del sol azteca radicó en que en 2021 alcanzaron 70 candidatureuras para legislaturas locales y federales, minetras que, para el proceso de 2024, above all we offer 20 spaces.

This night, the national leader of the PRD, Jesus Zambrano, found himself in the installations of the INE, and registered the official name of the alliance.

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