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Becky Lynch Had A Historically Bad Time On ‘Celebrity Jeopardy’

WWE superstar Becky Lynch

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I think I speak for plenty of Jeopardy! fans when I say Celebrity Jeopardy! fails to hook me quite like installments of the show featuring regular people, although seeing notable names flex their trivia knowledge on national television can still be pretty entertaining. Unfortunately, Becky Lynch had trouble doing exactly that during what is arguably the worst performance in the history of the program.

Jeopardy! is currently in a weird spot thanks to the fallout of the writers and actors strike.

It’s no secret a lot of fans are thrilled that second work stoppage led to Mayim Bialik stepping away from her hosting duties to let Ken Jennings take center stage, but the flagship version of the show has temporarily pivoted to a tournament format featuring former contestants tasked with answering unused and recycled clues.

There’s also been a renewed focus on primetime that has led to a new batch of Celebrity Jeopardy! episodes airing on a regular basis, and on Wednesday night, actor Macaulay Culkin, comedian Rachel Dratch, and WWE superstar Becky Lynch faced off in a battle for charity.

When everything was said and done, the former Saturday Night Live cast member eked out a $1 win over the Home Alone star while Lynch finished in a distant third.

While the wrestler had $500 at the start of “Final Jeopardy!,” she was given that sum after finishing in the red (-$500) when the traditional rounds wrapped up, which stemmed from her inability to beat the other two contestants to the buzzer and answer correctly on the rare occasion she was able to ring in.

Lynch managed to get a couple of questions right in the “Triple Jeopardy” round that’s added for the celebrity edition, but she only managed to buzz in six times between “Jeopardy” and “Double Jeopardy” while getting every single one of those responses incorrect.

Just how bad was her performance? Well, according to a Twitter account that keeps tabs on Jeopardy! history, it’s believed she’s the first player who failed to answer a single clue correctly over the course of the first two rounds.

Lynch was still able to raise $1,000 for her charity, but that was certainly not her finest hour.

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